Lawmaker Arrested after Pinching Woman’s Genitals to Protest Political Correctness

Boston, MA- A lawmaker in Connecticut is facing sexual assault charges after a December incident that occurred in a municipal office. The lawmaker, Christopher von Keyserling, a Republican from Greenwich, Connecticut, is accused of grabbing a female coworker’s genitals after stating he no longer had to be politically correct.

Lawmaker charged with sexual assault

According to […]

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Is Sexual Harassment Still an Issue in the Workplace?

Women have certainly made their mark in history and have come a long way in the work field. Jobs that once weren’t offered to women now are overrun with them.  It is evident women have worked hard to earn the opportunities they have today seeing that our Democratic presidential candidate was a woman. Although there […]

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Costco Employee Who Accused Customer of Sexual Harassment Wins $250K Settlement

Phoenix, AZ- A Costco employee who was sexually harassed by a customer recently received a $250,000 settlement, the EEOC announced in December.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit on behalf of a former employee of a suburban Chicago Costco. The female employee helped customers box their purchases, so she worked directly with many patrons. […]

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Kentucky Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Employers across the nation fear the moment when they hear terms such as workplace sexual harassment or hostile work environment associated with their organization or business.


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Workplace Harassment and Hostile Work Environment Reported at Denver Federal Lab

Authorities have uncovered incidences of workplace harassment and a hostile work environment at a US Geological Survey lab in Denver. According to a report by, the harassment came to light following an investigation into the falsification of data at the federal lab.


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Federal Court Agrees with Perspective of Weber County in Sexual Harassment Case Involving Erotic Poetry

Contradictory to the claims made by an employee of the Weber County Commission who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, the federal court has determined that the Weber County Commission did not actually retaliate against the employee for going public with the allegations back in 2009, as reported by


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Young African American Man from Harrisburg Charged with Sexual Harassment

There are certain ways to act and certain ways not to act.

A 20 year old man from Harrisburg is facing charges of sexual harassment because he allegedly made unwelcome sexual advances towards a woman say police authorities. The suspect in the case has been identified in court documents by Pennsylvania sexual harassment legal representatives as 20 year old Alimou Balde.


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New Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 is a civil rights law enacted by the federal government.

It prohibits sex-based discrimination in all educational activities and programs that receive federal funding. Sex discrimination includes sexual battery, sexual harassment, and rape that are “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively bars the victim’s access to an educational opportunity or benefit,” as mentioned in the Title IX document.


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Georgia Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment and discrimination remains a major issue throughout the country despite laws and regulations being passed prohibiting this type of behavior.


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Queens, NY Sexual Harassment Lawyers

For the most part, workplace harassment is a common type of employment lawsuit. Harassment may happen between an employee and employer, between one employee and another, or with prospective contenders for employment.


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