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Instances of sexual harassment vary in severity and form. The following are some of the more common types of sexual harassment cases in Delaware:

• Comments or jokes regarding a person’s appearance
• Quid pro quo (this for that) sexual requests
• Inappropriate touching (hugging, kissing, groping)
• Stalking
• Email or letter that is sexual in nature
• Photographs that are sexually inappropriate
• Harasser constantly propositions victim for a date/sex
• Physical attack (hitting, shoving, rape)

Victims of Sexual Harassment

Anyone can be the victim of sexual harassment in Delaware. A common misconception is that a victim is always a woman and a harasser is always a man. In reality, a person’s sex, age, race or sexual orientation does not matter when it comes to sexual harassment. Victims may be men or women and the harasser may not have to be of the opposite sex. Victims can be harassed by supervisors, co-workers or even persons that do not work at the specific agency. In addition, victims don’t have to be directly harassed in order to be affected by offensive sexual behaviors or comments. A person that overhears a lewd joke may take offense and find it difficult to work in an environment in which co-workers are constantly talking about sexual matters.

What Happens When a Hostile Work Environment is Created?

When a victim of sexual harassment has to suffer in a hostile work environment because of the offender’s actions, they cannot carry on their normal activities as they regularly would. Their security and confidence has been compromised and the victim usually suffers a decline in performance because of the harasser.

In addition, victims may feel embarrassed, alone or even afraid to come to work out of fear that the behaviors will continue or escalate. Luckily, victims of sexual harassment in Delaware have rights and can seen help to ensure the offender is put to justice.

Anyone who has been suffering from sexual harassment needs to first and foremost tell the harasser to cease their behaviors. If that doesn’t work, a supervisor or Human Resources employee should be contacted to report the matter. If that still doesn’t stop the behaviors, victims should take legal action to make sure the harassment stops once and for all.

Delaware Sexual Harassment Laws

The victims of sexual harassment in Delaware are protected by law. It is illegal for a person to lose their job, be demoted, have their position change or for their job to be affected in any way if they come forward with sexual harassment charges or have denied someone’s sexual advances. Sexual harassment is considered to be a form of sexual discrimination in Delaware and is a violation of the Delaware Discrimination in Employment Act (DDEA).

The DDEA applies to agencies with four or more employees, including state and local government organizations. Anyone who has suffered sexual harassment in an agency with fewer than four employees may seek legal help with a sexual harassment lawyer.

Working with a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Delaware

Victims of sexual harassment oftentimes feel scared to come forward with allegations either because they fear embarrassment or because they feel as though the perpetrator will retaliate. However, in Delaware, victims of sexual harassment are protected against retaliation and not taking any action will most definitely ensure that the offender continues with their behaviors. If you or someone you know has been harassed at work, speak to a leading Delaware sexual harassment lawyer right away.

The victims of sexual harassment have rights and sexual harassment attorneys stop at nothing to ensure they are upheld. Victims may also be entitled to receive compensation for their pain and suffering, so if you have been hurt due to someone’s unwanted and inappropriate sexual misconduct, turn to a top sexual harassment attorney to ensure that you obtain the full spectrum of benefits you deserve for the incident.

Don’t wait until matters get worse to speak to a leading team of Employment lawyers in Delaware. As a victim of sexual harassment, you have rights, and your paralegal will stop at nothing to ensure they are upheld.

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