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Sexual Harassment Defined

In Montana, sexual harassment includes any unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that is of a sexual nature. Victims may be made to submit to the conduct as a condition of employment, may be denied employment for refusal to engage in sexual conduct or victims may suffer in a hostile work environment that affects their performance. In addition, sexual harassment can be any behavior that involves favoritism toward an individual because of their gender or sex.

Types of Sexual Harassment in Montana

Sexual harassment can include mild to severe actions that are sexual in nature. They can be a series of relatively minor jokes that aren’t geared toward any one person specifically or a single act of aggression. There are many different sexual harassment incidents that can lead a person to feel uncomfortable, insecure, embarrassed or afraid at work. The following are a few examples of sexual harassment behavior at the workplace:
• Joke about someone’s body, clothing, physical appearance, sexual orientation or sex life
• General lewd comments
• Repeatedly asking someone out on a date or for sexual favors
• Stalking
• Sending inappropriate and sexual emails, letters or notes
• Making obscene or inappropriate gestures or facial expressions
• Quid pro quo (this for that) requests in which a victim is offered some form of benefit, like a raise or promotion, in exchange for sexual favors
• Touching someone inappropriately and without their consent, such as hugging, kissing, groping, or fondling
• Aggressive behavior, such as rape or attempt at rape

Misconceptions about Sexual Harassment

People tend to assume that the victims of sexual harassment are women. However, anyone can be a target of sexual discrimination. The victim may be of any gender, age, race, religion or sexual orientation, and so can the harasser.

Harassers can include any supervisors, co-workers or may not even be employed at the specific workplace. Offenders can choose to attack one victim only or may attack several. There may also be multiple harassers to one victim.

In order for someone to be the victim of sexual harassment, they don’t even have to be directly affected by the unwanted conduct. A victim can be someone that overheard another person making a sexual comment and took offense or witnessed inappropriate sexual behaviors.

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

In Montana, sexual harassment is considered to be a form of discrimination. Anyone who is targeted because of their sex, gender, religion, national origin or other factor has had their rights violated. It is against the law for someone to be affected by their job in any way due to sexual harassment. Employees have a right to be free of discrimination at the workplace and when that right becomes compromised, victims may take action.

Seeking Legal Help

The victims of sexual harassment are entitled to seek legal help for their suffering. First, victims are encouraged to speak to the offender and let them know that their actions are unwanted. If that doesn’t work, victims should escalate the matter to a supervisor or Human Resources representative. If still, nothing is done, victims can turn to a sexual harassment lawyer to ensure that their rights are upheld.

Unfortunately, not all victims of sexual harassment come forward because they may be afraid, embarrassed or may have even been threatened. It is important for victims to know that sexual harassment is against the law and they have a legal right to be protected from discrimination in the workplace. Sexual harassment attorneys work diligently to ensure that perpetrators are stopped and put to justice. With the help of a leading sexual harassment lawyer in Montana, victims will no longer have to suffer in a hostile work environment.

If sexual harassment offenders are not stopped, they will most likely continue their unwanted behaviors and possibly start harassing other people. Don’t allow this to happen at your workplace. Turn to an elite sexual harassment attorney in Montana right away to ensure that no one else is harmed at work.

In addition to being protected against retaliation or the continuation of the unwanted behaviors, victims may also be eligible for a large compensation for their pain and suffering. With a top sexual harassment lawyer on your side, you can expect to receive the maximum possible benefits you deserve. You and any other victim at your workplace may receive thousands or possibly even millions in damages.

The longer you wait to take legal action, the more you or someone else will suffer at the hands of an offender. Contact a leading team of employment lawyers to file a claim and fight for your rights.