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Sexual Harassment in Oregon

Sexual harassment in Oregon is defined as any unwanted sexual behavior that can lead to a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment can include anything from minor transgressions, such as jokes or general sexual comments, to repeatedly asking a person for sexual favors, to even a serious physical attack. In order for someone’s behavior to be considered sexual harassment, victims must let the harasser know that their conduct is unwelcome and that the behaviors need to stop immediately. If the offender does not cease their actions, victims should elevate their complaints to a supervisor or take legal action.

Types of Sexual Harassment Cases

The term “sexual harassment” can mean many things. Sexual harassment can be anything from a series of relatively mild transgressions, such as general lewd jokes, to a serious one-time action, such as rape. The following are some examples of common sexual harassment behaviors in Oregon:
Verbal harassment: Comments or jokes about a person’s body, clothing, sex life, or sexual orientation, general sexual comments or jokes, quid pro quo (this for that) sexual requests, repeatedly asking a person out on a date or for sexual favors.
Nonverbal harassment: Includes stalking, looking at a person’s body up and down, or making vulgar gestures or facial expressions.
Physical harassment: Includes any inappropriate touching that is unwanted and unwelcome, such as hugging, kissing or groping, blocking an individual’s path, assault, rape or attempt at rape.
Visual harassment: Involves putting up pictures or screen savers that are sexual in nature, taking pictures against someone’s will and using them in a sexual context, or any other photo material that is sexual in nature and offensive.
Written harassment: Any emails, memos, letters, text messages or written material that is sexual in nature and that can be found offensive.

Who are the Victims of Sexual Harassment?

Anyone can become a target of sexual harassment. Both victims and harassers can be of any gender, age, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. In addition, victims do not have to be directly affected by a perpetrator’s actions in order to file a sexual harassment complaint. A victim may be a co-worker who has overheard someone else’s comments and finds them offensive or who witnesses inappropriate sexual behavior.

Oregon Laws Protecting Victims of Sexual Harassment

It is against Oregon law to deny someone employment, fire them, demote them, or affect their job in any negative way based on gender, race, age, and other factors. An interviewer may not ask a potential hire questions about their marriage, sexual orientation, if they have any children, or any other matter relating to sex or that is sexual in nature either.

Furthermore, any employee in Oregon who has had their position affected in any negative way because they have rejected an offender’s sexual advances filed a sexual harassment complaint or because of any other factor relating to sexual harassment can file charges against their employer, and the employer may be held liable for their actions. This type of behavior violates both Oregon state law and federal law.

Everyone in Oregon is entitled to a workplace free of discrimination and hostility. Those who have had their jobs affected by a sexual offender should seek help immediately. Victims should first confront their harasser and let them know that their conduct is unwelcome. If the offender persists with their behavior, the victim may raise their complaints to a supervisor or Human Resources representative. If the situation is still unresolved, victims are entitled to contact a sexual harassment lawyer to defend their rights and file a lawsuit.

Working with a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Oregon

Sexual harassment can lead a victim to feel isolated, embarrassed and even afraid at work. Victims of sexual harassment have a legal right to come forward and ensure that the unwanted behavior stops immediately. If you or someone you know has been victimized by a sexual offender, seek the help of a sexual harassment attorney in Oregon right away.

With the help of a leading sexual harassment lawyer in Oregon, you can ensure that the harasser will be put to justice and that the unwanted behavior will cease immediately. As a victim, you may also be entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, and your sexual harassment attorney will see to it that you receive the maximum possible benefits.

Turn to a skilled team of sexual harassment lawyers today to ensure that the offender is apprehended and that no one will suffer from harassment at your workplace again.