Authorities have uncovered incidences of workplace harassment and a hostile work environment at a US Geological Survey lab in Denver. According to a report by, the harassment came to light following an investigation into the falsification of data at the federal lab.

It was discovered that the hostile work environment continued despite complaints made by an employee to managers. During a congressional hearing Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich. pointed out that employees of the lab were subjected to harassment in the form of offensive language and behavior by at least one co-worker.


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That co-worker must have watch Horrible Bosses one too many times and did not get the message and/or never grew passed that idiotic junior high age.

Legal counselors explain that this is the latest report on workplace harassment in federal government establishments. Following investigations, employees of the National Park Service and US Forest Service have also alleged bullying and sexual harassment.

Rep. Dingell said that although the harassment reported at the USGS Energy Geochemistry Laboratory was not sexual in nature since it affected both men and women it was still considered harassment.

In addition, despite complaints by a female employee the management failed to take any measures, which according to sexual harassment attorneys in Colorado could make them also liable depending on several factors.

The incidences of harassment and bullying were revealed by Rep. Dingell during a House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing on data manipulation that is reported to have occurred earlier in June last year.

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Some people just are not worthy enough to wear the uniform.

Military Experiences Increase in Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Cases

According to, a report by the Army Inspector General has revealed an increase in the number allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment by senior army leaders.

As per a memo procured by The Associated Press, retaliation accounted for the most frequent charges against senior officers on active duty. There were as many as 50 charges of reprisal filed by September of 2016, which indicates that this is a major concern for the military. Most importantly, it highlights the fact that such misbehavior is prevalent in the higher ranks and is not limited to lower ranking pay grades.

Some people wonder how the military could send good soldiers after a deserter and traitor in Bowe Bergdahl but that is another topic.

Sexual misconduct has long been a problem faced by the Pentagon, which has found it difficult to find a solution. Training and education on harassment has been beefed up over the years with a number of new programs introduced to stem the problem and motivate victims to come forward and complain and seek treatment.

At the moment it is still unclear if the rise in the number of allegations is due to more victims willing to come forward and complain or due to a rising number of cases. However, the latest memo indicates that retaliation is the major allegation investigated by the inspector general’s office. It also points out that there was an increase in the number of substantiated cases, which is 10% in 2016 from the previous year.

A memo to this effect was circulated among top military leaders who were in clear terms told to explain and justify any unfavorable action taken against soldiers or civilian employees.

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Unfortunately, workplace sexual harassment and discrimination is a regular occurrence. Should you or anyone you know happen to be a victim, it would be prudent to consult a sexual harassment lawyer in Colorado. It is the best way to protect your rights and hold the perpetrators liable.