There are certain ways to act and certain ways not to act.

A 20 year old man from Harrisburg is facing charges of sexual harassment because he allegedly made unwelcome sexual advances towards a woman say police authorities. The suspect in the case has been identified in court documents by Pennsylvania sexual harassment legal representatives as 20 year old Alimou Balde.

As reported by ABC, in the lawsuit against him, it is also alleged that he grabbed one of his victims during an altercation which occurred on Dec 15th and another incident on Dec 17th. These incidents supposedly transpired in the 100th Block of College Hill Road. Balde has been charged with both indecent assault and harassment, which is typical in such circumstances say sexual harassment lawyers in Philadelphia, PA.


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Alimou Balde – this is not a third world country! This is not Afghanistan or some other country where woman are not respected. Not impressive behavior. And you are not a Democrat from New York either.

North York councilwoman to step down after making untoward comment towards a firefighter

According to a report, a councilwoman tendered her resignation after a comment she made to a firefighter has surfaced. The comment allegedly was about the firefighter’s prosthetic leg.

She is alleged to have told the firefighter that if he put the recording of the meeting on Facebook she would cut his leg and beat him with it.

The councilwoman in question is Sandra Hinkle and the complainant she made the comment to has been identified as Christopher Wilhelm. Supposedly, Hinkle made the comment to Wilhelm after he digitally recorded a council meeting which had happened the prior week. How Facebook Live came up in this is not quite known. Any evidence could play a vital role in establishing liability, say Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sexual harassment attorneys.

Boss making unsolicited sexual advances

Rubbing the shoulders of someone else in the workplace is no good. Threatening to beat someone with their prosthetic leg though is something else entirely.


However, Hinkle’s lawyer maintains that she made the comment in a humorous tone and that it was not the first time that she had joked around with Wilhelm this way. It seems like she is rather fond of pulling his leg (pun intended!).

Hinkle added that when she made the comment, Chris did not seem offended by it at all. Apparently, if he had gotten offended then he would have lost his temper at her like he had done in the past. This is a very strange situation and perhaps these two have had personal relations.

Councilwoman lays down conditions

Once Hinkle had specified her conditions for retiring, she then did something unpredictable. She said that if she was going to step down then Councilman Bill Jackson should step down as well, because he had made sexually charged comments towards her in the past. She also claimed that since all council members should be treated equally and subjected to the same regulations and policies, Jackson should step down as well.

Hinkle added that the whole thing was just an excuse to somehow kick her off the council. She called it a witch hunt and said that the comment she made only facilitated to it. Eventually, Hinkle did sign her resignation and also said that she had been meaning to resign anyway, but was just waiting to fill out the rest of her term.

Councilman Bill Jackson and his Pennsylvania sexual harassment attorneys have discarded the allegations that he made sexually charged comments towards Hinkle by simply saying that it is not true!

Sandra Hinkle is not leaving anyone behind. Is this scorched earth? She wants to take people down with her apparently.

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