As the days go on, more and more sexual harassment accusations are being made and appearing as headlines for major news source sites. Just a few days back, comedian Louis C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct after two women came forward claiming he masturbated in their presence, while others claimed he engaged in inappropriate behavior. Now, Warner Bros. has suspended an executive producer who is being accused of sexual harassment as well.

Post Gazette highlighted a few details regarding this developing story and it appears that several women, 15 to be exact, have come forward claiming Andrew Kreisberg, who is known for producing The CW shows including “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” and “The Flash,” has engaged in various inappropriate behaviors. Four men have also come forward with their allegations and all potential victims claim Kreisberg did one or more of the following acts:

  1. Asked for massages from female staff members.
  2. Made sexualized comments about women’s appearances.
  3. Engaged in frequent touching without permission.

Although Kreisberg denied these allegations, Warner Bros. is taking the matter rather serious and has suspended the director until a thorough investigation has been conducted. Berlanti Productions, who is responsible for overseeing Kreisberg’s shows, commented on the matter stating that they are fully cooperating with the investigation being conducted by Warner Bros. as sexual harassment claims, especially coming from 19 individuals, can’t be taken lightly.

Victims of Sexual Harassment Often Fear Retaliation from the Person Committing the Act

Post Gazette also stated that the 19 individuals have decided to remain anonymous as they fear Kreisberg might retaliate. The allegations stem from some years back, but this is the first of them coming to light. Fear of retaliation is one of the main reasons why individuals who have been victims of sexual harassment fail to come forward. While some eventually do, there are many cases floating around that have yet to be addressed.

Are you the victim of sexual harassment?

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Sexual harassment should be taken seriously, even if it was just an inappropriate comment made. While you do have the option of asking the individual committing the act to stop given that they didn’t touch you inappropriately or force themselves onto you, if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, the sexaul harassment lawyers recommended on can speak up for you and protect your rights. To find a sexual harassment attorney in Pittsburgh or a nearby city, contact today.