When a person is accused of engaging in acts of sexual misconduct, they generally wait for an investigation to be conducted before making a drastic decision. But, not California Assemblyman Rual Bocanegra. According to NBC San Diego, Bocanegra resigned on Monday after multiple allegations surfaced accusing him of misconduct. He is the first lawmaker to leave office after various reports of sexual harassment have already come about.

According to the lawmaker, he wasn’t going to seek re-election and planned on leaving office at the end of the next legislative session, but after discussing the matter with friends and family, he decided to leave early. The allegations against the lawmaker began surfacing last month and involved a legislative staff member, Elise Gyore, who filed a report back in 2009 stating that Bocanegra stalked her around a nightclub and even put his hands down her blouse at an after-work event.

Although these allegations have yet to be proven accurate, Bocanegra isn’t the only individual in the field of politics who has been accused of such behavior. According to the news source, “more than 150 women who work in and around the Capitol-including lawmakers, advisors, lobbyists and political consultations-signed a letter that has pointed a spotlight at what they called a culture of harassment.”

NBC Morning News Anchor Matt Lauer Under High Speculation

In more recent news, The New York Times has announced that one of NBC’s leading morning news anchors, Matt Lauer, has been fired amid sexual harassment allegations. NBC’s president sent out a memo to staff explaining that while this is the first complaint filed in the entire 20 years Lauer has worked at NBC, he has “reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.”

The woman who was brave enough to come forward with her complaint remains unidentified, however, she is being represented by a sexual harassment attorney. It can be expected that the details to this developing story will unfold within the next few days as investigators dig further into the matter to determine if the allegations are legitimate and what exactly happened.

Sexual Harassment Claims Continue to Surface

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, even at your place of employment. With the increased number of complaints being filed lately, it is encouraged that anyone else wo may be a victim of sexual misconduct or has witnessed it in their workplace come forward as well. If you live in the San Diego, CA area and wish to discuss your matter with a sexual harassment lawyer, USAttorneys.com can assist you in locating one.

While you might not be ready to take legal action against an individual, you can become aware of your rights in the matter and the steps you can take to recognize this person for their inappropriate behavior. USAttorneys.com is committed to helping victims of sexual harassment find the right type of lawyer in San Diego who is ready to provide them with the support and information they need.