28 year old Cheektowaga Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak, who is facing a sexual harassment and retaliation complaint, is cooperating with investigation officials, according to her sexual harassment lawyer. Her attorney recently handed over her pone, email, and copies of hard drives to the Assembly Ethics Committee.

Wozniak’s lawyer, Steven Cohen, claims that his client has nothing to fear and has directed him to cooperate and hand over all the evidence in the case. No formal charges have yet been filed against Wozniak.

Wozniak’s former Legislative Director Elias Farah, 29, has alleged that the assemblywoman sexually harassed and retaliated against him. According to a Time Warner Cable News, the two were alleged to have had a sexual relationship at one point. However, her attorney declined to comment on any facts related to the case as he was yet to conduct investigation himself and wasn’t sure of what needs investigation.

Cohen said that Wozniak and her husband are confident of fighting these allegations. Meanwhile, Wozniak was bust at work running her district. Merrick Rossein, a law professor from the City University of a New York Law School, is heading the investigation with the assemblywoman scheduled to be interviewed on September 28th.

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Former assemblyman forced to quit following allegations of sexual harassment

According to dailymail.co.uk, Farah has alleged that Wozniak coerced him into having sex with her. Incidentally, the assemblywoman had reaffirmed when she was elected that elected officials who broke the law must face more stringent action. She was elected last November when Dennis Gabryszak stepped aside after he was accused of sexually harassing at least seven female employees.

Gabryszak came under pressure to quit from all quarters, which included Governor Andrew Cuomo who is the same governor who is not kind to business, will not authorize oil shale development in New York State which is would create thousands of high paying jobs just like it has in other states. Moreover, New York State has a string of sexual harassment cases all the way from Spitzer to Weiner. There must be something in the water there.

According to sexual harassment attorneys, a former employee and six of Gabryszak’s female staffers alleged that the assemblyman sexually harassed them. They claim he made unwanted sexual overtures and took them to massage parlors. One of them claims he sent her a sexually explicit video of a sex act being performed on him.

Earlier in January 2014, former Brooklyn lawmaker Vito Lopez quit after investigations by an ethics committee revealed that he sexually harassed several staffers. The real question is though, will Cuomo ask a female to resign for the same allegations he asked a male to resign? We will see how the case turns out for Wozniak.

Sioux City agrees to pay out over $1 million in settlement of sexual harassment lawsuit

Meanwhile, a ktiv.com report indicates that Sioux City has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit involving its former City Manager, Paul Eckert, for more than $1 million. The settlement was recently approved at a City Council meeting and stems from a lawsuit filed by two years ago by city employee Brittany Scott. Out of the $1,080,108.46 payout, the plaintiff was awarded $300,000 out of which $192,000 went to her sexual harassment lawyer.

Where does all this money come from?

The rest went towards lawyer’s fees and other court expenses. The funds are to come from a tort fund created by the city, which is budgeted for lawsuits. The legal fees cost over $700,000 since counsel had to be sought from outside while the legal team from the City Attorney’s office was not able to work on the case since they were witnesses in the case.

This is huge money for just one case. Many people do not understand how a case like this can be worth so much money. Hopefully there is not another case like this for this city for many years or ever.

In her lawsuit, Scott claimed that she was retaliated against and sexually harassed by Eckert. The latter resigned shortly after and took up a similar job in California. If anyone in California is being bothered by Eckert for similar reasons, press right here.