There are two sides to every story, even those that focus on the issue of sexual harassment. As you know, there have been cases of sexual misconduct being discussed each and every day, online and on the news. While each and every case is important to become aware of as it sheds light on the severity of the issue, the story we are focusing on involves actor Michael Douglas. He starred in movies such as “Wall Street” and “Fatal Attraction” and has been a big name in the industry for years.

Douglas has been accused of sexual misconduct by a former employee recently and now she has spoken out, highlighting some of the disturbing details of the incidents that stem all the way back to the 1980’s. But, Douglas has his own take on what went down and it sounds nothing like the story Susan Braudy has alleged.

Here’s Braudy’s take on the incident.

Back when Braudy was working for Douglas, she claimed there were a few instances that made her feel extremely uncomfortable. She stated that he made sexually suggestive comments toward her and on one occasion, he “began to “fondle himself” in front of her.” She also said that he “thought he was the king of the world” and that he could engage in any type of behavior without facing any repercussions for doing so [Source: NBC San Diego].

Braudy also recollected back to a meeting she had with Douglas back in 1989 in his New York apartment. She stated that he “unbuckled his belt and put his hand inside his trousers.” After he began fondling himself, she claims she “was very scared” and “ran for the door.” Although she stated that she had told friends about what had happened, they urged her to “not speak publicly about the incident out of fear of retribution.” Braudy vowed to never work alone with him again but said she was subjected to a hostile work environment going forward.

Douglas was accused of making inappropriate comments about her body and her clothing. Braudy went on to become a veteran in the industry. She was a senior executive, a published novelist and an established member of the women’s movement.

Now, here’s Douglas’ take on the matter.

Douglas claims that the story provided by Braudy is fabricated. He told The Hollywood Reporter that at no time during the timeframe Braudy worked for him did she “express or display even the slightest feeling of discomfort in our environment.” He went on to say that is because there was no point during the time she worked for him that he behaved inappropriately toward her. He suggested that perhaps because the path her career took wasn’t what she had hoped for, maybe she is holding a grudge against him.

While Douglas claims he was never made aware of the discomfort Braudy felt, she claims she repeatedly complained during the time she was employed with the company. Whether this is true or not, taking the initiative to report an incident such as sexual harassment to an employer is something a victim should consider doing. Sexual harassment lawyers in San Diego, CA always recommend that a victim come forward with their allegations, whether it’s to them or someone else rather than keep it a secret. If you would like help in locating a sexual misconduct lawyer in San Diego who you can discuss your issue with, contact today.