Houston, TX – When someone experiences severe harassment at work, they may have to change jobs or careers and lose lots of money in the process. People who have had these kinds of issues and want to file a lawsuit often wonder about the value of their case. Lawsuits can vary greatly based on the underlying facts that gave rise to the case. As a general rule for all civil cases, victims who have experienced more severe injuries or harms will be able to collect larger damage awards through a settlement or verdict. However, victims should always try to retain an experienced lawyer to guide them through this process and retain the best chance of winning their case. 

Factors that go into the value of a harassment case

There are a few main categories that will significantly affect the value of any case that involves gender based discrimination or harassment. The type of conduct by the employer or supervisor who is responsible for the harassment is crucial. Something severe such as explicitly asking for sexual conduct in exchange for employment or benefits, or physically harming an employee is going to result in a much more valuable case than one that might only involve less serious forms of harassment. The duration of the conduct in question is also very important. A one time event may not be sufficient to bring a lawsuit unless the conduct was egregious, however someone who experienced sexual harassment for years may have experienced more mental and emotional damage. 

Damages and civil lawsuits

One of the most important factors in any civil case is the amount of tangible loss that the plaintiff can prove through various documentation and records. This is called damages. A person who needed to find a new job, lost income, or maybe even required therapy due to their mistreatment at work will be able to prove large amounts of financial expense due to their issues with harassment at work. Things like back pay are another common remedy for sexual harassment cases where someone has lost their job. 

Damages can become complex because there are various types of damages available in civil cases, so victims should always ask their lawyer for advice related to specific amounts. There may even be damage caps that limit how much the victim can collect or punitive damages awarded to punish the defendant for malicious conduct.  

Getting personalized legal assistance

Anyone who needs to consult with a workplace attorney about harassment issues in Texas is able to contact an experienced law firm. Moore and Associates focus on various labor and employment law matters in the Houston area and nearby parts of the state. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

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