Retail store managers, truck drivers, history teachers, fitness instructors, soccer coaches, ice cream salesmen, and so on have all been accused of child sexual abuse and unfortunately a couple of priests have too. If you know a child who may be getting victimized, your prayers can be answered right here: There are some fantastic sexual harassment and abuse attorneys on this site ready to wrong any right.

A priest of Indian origin, Rev. Samuel Punnoor, who has been suspended and placed on administrative leave for the last two months following allegations of improper conduct by a child in Toledo, may be requested by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo to return to his home diocese, the Diocese of Pathanamthitta in India, according to The Blade.

Meanwhile, the Toledo Diocese has also determined that Punnoor will not have any access to children and has been stripped of any priestly ministry for allegedly violating the code of conduct regarding sexual abuse of minors.

Second priest of the Toledo diocese to be accused this year

The Diocese of Toledo consists of parishes in 19 counties of northwest Ohio. Punoor is supposedly the second Toledo catholic priest to be accused of sexual misconduct involving a minor, as reported by The Blade in May this year. Rev. James H. Roth allegedly sexually abused a boy 14 years back according to the Toledo-Detroit Province of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, which he even admitted in a note written just before his death in February. The victim only revealed his story in January this year in which he claims he was sexually abused on multiple occasions by Father Roth.

According to a statement released by the Toledo diocese, investigations conducted by Lucas County Children Services did not find any actions that defined sexual abuse. However, an ecclesiastical investigation by the Diocesan Review Board found that Punoor violated the code of conduct of sexual abuse of minors, which includes unwanted touching and sexual advances towards youth. Following the review board’s findings, Bishop Daniel Thomas accepted its recommendations, which includes keeping Father Punnoor on paid leave and asking him to return to his home diocese in India.

Put-in-Bay and police chief face sexual harassment lawsuits by former police officers

Put-in-Bay, a town in and its police chief Robert Lampela have been sued separately by two police officers who allege they were sexually assaulted by a fellow officer. According to, the lawsuits filed by sexual harassment attorneys claim that despite complaints being made against the officer in 2003, Police Chief Lampela failed to conduct an investigation.

The plaintiffs claim they were subjected to further harassment and retaliation following their complaints. In February, the police chief faced multiple charges including falsification, dereliction of duty, and other misdemeanors. Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan was of the opinion that the county could not be held responsible.


Ohio sexual harassment law

According to Ohio sexual harassment attorneys, any form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 4112 of the Ohio Revised Code, can be deemed as sexual harassment. This includes verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, unsolicited sexual advances, and requests for sexual favors, to name a few. If you want to find some salient information on this material, click right here.

The victim and harassment do not have to be only of the opposite sex. It is always prudent for the victim to inform the harasser that his or her behavior is unwelcome. The matter must also be reported to higher authorities while it is always prudent to consult an experienced Ohio sexual harassment attorney right away to initiate a legal process.