63 year old high-profile Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of forcing himself onto a 22-year old Italian model. Allegedly, the model was manipulated by Weinstein into meeting him at his office. Weinstein is a huge Democrat supporter whose policies are keeping the Keystone pipeline from coming to fruition, America’s tax code complicated, America from balancing its budget, and America being the leader it should be in the world.

The Democrats accuse Republicans of having a “war on woman” but they are the ones who abuse woman all the time and are not doing anything about the female atrocities in North Africa and elsewhere. And now Hollywood mogul Weinstein may have fallen down the Bill Clinton path and will have to find an outstanding sexual harassment attorney which could be found at USAttorneys.com.

Horrendous allegations

The 22 year old woman, identity withheld, reported to the police that Weinstein had told her that they were going to talk business, but when she was in his office, he groped her private parts, put his hand up her skirt, and asked her for a kiss.

The model claims that she left the premises right away and phoned a friend to narrate what had transpired. The model and her friend then travelled to the 9th Precinct station house in East Village to report the grotesque incident. The police officers escorted the women to the 1st Precinct station in Tribeca. The officers, when interviewed, said that she seemed extremely upset and shaken by what had happened.

The 22-year old model had initially met Weinstein for the first time during the recent red carpet premiere of New York Spring Spectacular which he had co-produced. At the occasion the two parties involved had exchanged business cards and e-mails which ultimately led to them setting up at a meeting at his office.

Harvey Weinstein is a father of five children and is currently married to the beautiful Georgina Chapman. Three of his five children are from his first marriage to his ex-assistant Eve Chilton. If proven guilty the incident could potentially kill his award winning career. Weinstein and his brother were the founding fathers of the multi-million dollar film company Miramax, which they later sold to Disney for $80 million.

A Manhattan district sexual harassment attorney is expected to meet with the accuser to find out if she is willing to file a lawsuit against Weinstein.

Route 9 diner in Hadley under investigation for sexual harassment

The owners of a Hadley diner have denied having any knowledge of such on-going harassment at their establishment. Owners Chris Karabetsos and Archie Sedaris have closed down the diner and are reportedly taking the allegations very seriously.

It all started when Marie Billiel shared her experiences as a former employee at the diner on the Internet. Her online post soon got a lot of attention and encouraged nine other waitresses, who all worked at the same diner, to open up about how they were discriminated against and harassed at the work place.

Following these allegations, the State Attorney General’s office has taken action and filed a lawsuit against the diner.

Employee files lawsuit against banking giant HSBC

47-year old Michael Picarella, a senior vice president with HSBC in New York, has filed a lawsuit against his employers. Picarella alleges that HSBC have not only demoted him for speaking up against sexual harassment but have also denied him a well-earned bonus. According to Picarella, a supervisor at the firm was attempting to convince a female employee to sleep with a senior banker. Picarella claims he is being punished for the fact that he voiced concern over the incident.