The only other example of a similar predicament was in a court case in Seattle back in November of 2010. Defendant Salvador Aleman Cruz was accused of molesting a 21-year old woman. Cruz chose not to hire a sexual harassment attorney and instead to legally represent himself. This essentially meant that Cruz would be allowed to fire questions one after the other at his female accuser.

The nightmarish possibility of this becoming a reality was so mentally torturous to the alleged victim that she climbed to the roof of the court building and threatened to jump off instead of having to come face to face with her abuser again. Eventually, Cruz was convicted. The woman did not have to testify or face his questions.

Prosecutors attempt to protect alleged victims from cross examination by their abuser

The recent events at Maricopa County can be compared and are similar to the aforementioned situation but instead of the alleged victim being a 21-year old woman, the victims in this case are two young girls now aged 7 and 8.

The plaintiff’s sexual harassment attorneys and prosecutors are so appalled at idea of a child molester getting a chance to face-off against these little girls that they appealed to a higher court to overrule the possibility of this happening. However, their efforts seem to be in vain so far as the 3 judge panel that they appealed to in the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that they would not order a stay, but were willing to accept jurisdiction over the case, which would mean that prosecutors would not be able to appeal to a higher court.

Prosecutors argued that this would be a clear violation of the victim’s rights according to the Arizona Victims’ Bill of Rights.

The accused is 54-year old Chris Simcox, co-founder of the border-watch group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. He has approval from the court to represent himself during trial. Simcox sent a 22-page long write-up from a jail where he is being held explaining why he should be given the chance to personally cross-examine his accusers. He argued that the most fundamental part of his defense would rely on his right to confront his accusers.

Simcox’s ego trumps logic

The lawsuit claims that the girls, who were 5 and 6 years old at the time, were sexually abused by Simcox. Allegedly one of them was abused in the shower and the other abused after she was bribed with candy. He faces charges including ‘sexual conduct with a minor’ which would translate to a life-sentence if convicted. Hiring an outstanding sexual harassment attorney is easy, if you use Simcox thinks he has it figured out; the route he chose almost never works.

Woman attempts to burn down Yoga studio

Nancy Duarte has been charged with felony arson and will need to post a $16,000 bond to make bail. The woman, who had resorted to yoga to treat her anger management issues, claims she was sick and tired of two male employees at the yoga studio who would constantly flirt and sexually harass her.

41-year old Duarte was seen by a witness with some gasoline, matchsticks, and a baseball bat trying to set fire to the yoga studio. This is not the avenue to take Duarte!

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