Actions Considered as Sexual Harassment in Missouri

As much as the world has advanced and as increasingly modern as the workplace has become, sexual harassment is still an unfortunate reality in many workplaces. This form of harassment becomes a lot more common when employers don’t take the necessary legal steps to ensure that their employees remain as safe as possible.

Even though federal and state laws do not allow this form of conduct in the workplace, employers often fail to enforce safety measures, and this can lead to harassment and abuse. Employees who find themselves in a situation where their employer Is not securing their safety and they are ignoring their complaints regarding sexual harassment should call a lawyer as soon as possible to get the required help they need to ascertain they are protected.

Before a person makes a formal or legal complaint regarding sexual harassment, they should understand what sexual harassment is when looked at from the legal eye. Any unwelcome sexual conduct that occurs in the workplace is not allowed. It becomes illegal when it creates a hostile work environment or when a person’s promotions or employment status becomes linked to their response to the abuse. The law protects a person from being discriminated against due to their age, sex, color, race, and religion. Victims of discrimination have every right to seek compensation and protection when they are put in unsafe work environments.

For the acts to be considered sexual harassment, the conduct must be unwelcome and continuous. Usually, one small incident in which no harm was caused will not be considered harassment.

The Missouri Human Rights Act Prohibits Discrimination

The Missouri Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination of a sexual nature. The law makes it clear that employers must take certain measures to stop this harassment from occurring in their workplace. Employers should train their employees on what is considered abuse and they should make it clear that harassment is not tolerated at all in their workplace environment.

Employers should also have a proper complaint system set up so the victims of abuse are not scared or confused regarding how to file a complaint. Employers should also make it clear that there will be no repercussions for coming forth and filing a legitimate complaint, so it is easy for the victim to do so. Everyone has the right to feel safe when going to work without the fear of being harassed or without the fear of losing their job if they file a complaint against the abuser.

Connect with a sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible to get legal advice regarding one’s specific situation.

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