Houston, TX – When a worker experiences harassment or discrimination, it can result in not only lost income due to having to switch jobs or being demoted, but psychological problems as well. There are a number of sanctions that an employer may face, including having to pay the victim for these types of losses and receiving formal discipline from an employment commission. 

Remedies and discipline against the employer

A federal law that is part of the Civil Rights Act called Title VII has been interpreted by courts to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex and gender. This is where the ability to sue for harassment comes from, as well as other state laws that have been passed for similar reasons over the years. There are a number of remedies available to victims and ways that employers are disciplined if a worker is successful against the employer in their legal action. 

The victim is usually entitled to lost wages. Any plaintiff that can demonstrate that lost income is related to the illegal behavior will have to be compensated accordingly. Future lost wages are usually included as well, as long as the plaintiff can make a similar showing that they would have earned more money if not for the illegal behavior. 

Compensatory damages that are for pain and suffering are available to some victims as well. This is meant to cover things like trauma, emotional and psychological problems, and the stress associated with the harassment. Because these kinds of damages may be difficult to predict, it is best to consult with an experienced harassment lawyer to learn more about specific compensation amounts. 

The employer will face various kinds of discipline as well, including fines. The workplace can initially receive some kind of formal warning or notice of the problem. Any individual worker who was responsible may be demoted or terminated by the company. 

Broad interpretation of harassment laws

While many people assume that there is usually a male superior who engages in improper conduct with female subordinates, the reality is that harassment can also occur between coworkers regardless of their rank within the company. There have also been cases where a plaintiff of the same gender as their harasser was successful. This means that many different types of victims can potentially exist, and relationships between the parties are generally not a limiting factor. 

Lawsuits against employers who engage in illegal activity

If a worker has tangible evidence of illegal conduct such as lost wages or overtime, sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, or other labor law issues, there is legal help available. Moore and Associates helps local clients in Houston with these issues and various other employment matters. 

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