Air BnB Ends Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Victims

Each year, thousands of people are sexually harassed or assaulted by AirBnB hosts and guests. You’d think that this would be major news, and there’s a very simple reason why we never really hear about these incidents. Until now, Airbnb has followed a very strict policy of confidential arbitration, forcing victims to settle claims of sexual misconduct without damaging the company’s reputation in court. However, this is all changing now. Airbnb is finally ending this policy, and future victims will now be allowed to have their day in court.

If you have experienced sexual harassment either as an Airbnb host or guest, you have every right to file a lawsuit. With this arbitration policy now ended, everyone is free to hold guilty parties liable in court. Not only can you pursue justice and closure through a lawsuit, but you can also receive a substantial settlement for your damages. All you need to do is get in touch with a legal professional near you.

Airbnb Decides to Change its Policies

In August of 2021, it was reported that Airbnb had altered its terms of services, allowing sexual harassment and sexual assault victims to choose for themselves whether to pursue lawsuits or go through the company’s arbitration process. Previously, these victims were essentially forced to go through the arbitration process, and they were not allowed to pursue lawsuits due to the company’s terms of service.

The entire premise of the company hinges on the assumption that strangers can trust each other. But this level of trust is not always present, as thousands of past lawsuits clearly show.

New Jersey Woman Sexually Assaulted by Airbnb Host

One of the most recent lawsuits filed against Airbnb involved Natalie White, a New Jersey resident who was sexually assaulted by an Airbnb host while she was staying in Los Angeles. Due to the recent changes in Airbnb’s policies, White is one of the first people who has been given the freedom to speak out.

White’s statements, which were highly critical of Airbnb, seem to have played a role in convincing the company to alter its terms of service. Currently, their terms of services include 10,000 words, and many people do not read them.

Natalie’s host allegedly barged into the Airbnb while she was packing up her things to leave. He then allegedly attempted to rip her clothes off and forcibly licked and kissed her. He was arrested for assault and false imprisonment. Natalie is now suing Airbnb because of the company’s failure to keep her safe.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have experienced sexual harassment as a tenant, a homeowner, or even as an Airbnb guest, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney in New Jersey who specializes in these cases, and you can pursue justice in an efficient way. These legal professionals are passionate about helping victims achieve a sense of justice, and they can make sure you receive the settlement you deserve. Book your consultation today.

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