Akron, OH – Signet Jewelers LTD. is under fire yet again for making false statements regarding the magnitude of the new sexual harassment claims against the company.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the lawsuit names former CEO Mark Light and various officials from the company as defendants. The lawsuit was filed by attorneys of the Signet shareholder, Josanne Aungst, and comes in the wake of a Washington Post article that reported on documents alleging extensive sexual harassment at the company.

Aungst claims in the newest lawsuit against Signet that the defendants failed to uphold their fiduciary duties which resulted in an “abuse of control” and “gross mismanagement.” It also states that the former CEO and other executives breached their duties by being allowed to sexually harass women and by sharing false information “about the true nature and serenity of the allegations in the arbitration.”

The sexual harassment lawsuit evolved from a gender discrimination case that swiftly grew into a class action lawsuit.

The newest lawsuit filed earlier this month highlighted how the company’s stock price has fallen since the sexual harassment allegations were made, and how other shareholders have also filed lawsuits against the company.

Not only is the newest lawsuit against Signet important because the companies has their headquarters in Akron, but also because they employ thousands in the area, which means that there could be many Akron locals who were affected by the sexual harassment charges.

Unfortunately, the Signet Jewelers sexual harassment case is only one of many that happens nationwide. No industry is immune to people in powerful positions who use their position in order to take advantage of their co-workers.

Sexual harassment doesn’t have to be aggressive. Sometimes it can happen subtlety over many years. Some examples of sexual harassment in Akron, Ohio, include:

  • Unwelcome Sexual Advancement: If unwanted attention occurs often and becomes normalized, then this is considered sexual harassment. This can include being repeatedly asked for dates or sexual favors.
  • Demotions or Firing: It is not uncommon for employees who have been sexually harassed to be dissuaded from reporting the issue. You may be entitled to recover lost wages if you faced a demotion or firing as a result of reporting sexual harassment to your employer.
  • Quid Pro Quo Harassment: If an employer has requested sexual favors in exchange for a raise or career advancement, then you may have the right to further pursue a sexual harassment claim.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Akron, Ohio

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