Sexual Harassment Lawyers and Attorneys in Alaska

Alaska Sexual Harassment Law


If you are in a workplace environment in Alaska or anywhere else for that matter, you have a right to feel safe and comfortable. If someone is acting in an inappropriately sexual manner, then you might have grounds to file a suit against the person who is harassing you or your place of employment. If you have made their inappropriate behaviors known and your employer has done nothing to stop it, then there are outside sources to help.

According to Civil Rights Act of 1964, under Title VII, sexual harassment is encompassed under the umbrella of sex discrimination, and it is illegal. The Title applies only to those employers who have fifteen or more workers, but that does not mean that if you work for an individual or a smaller company, you don’t have recourse should you be the victim of sexual harassment.


An Indepth Look into Alaska Sexual Harassment Law

Alaska sexual harassment law states that an employer is not allowed to make unwanted requests of favors of a sexual nature, unwelcome sexual advances, any physical or verbal conduct that constitutes a sexual nature that is meant to have an employee be submitted to rejection of their work. It is also illegal to threaten an employee sexually in a manner that makes the person feel as if, if they don’t comply, it can affect their workplace opportunities like positions earned or promotions. Also, an employee has a right to be in a workplace that is non intimidating, non hostile, and not to be subjected to an offensive workplace environment.

The only organizations that the Alaska sexual harassment laws do not apply to are charitable, religious associations, not for profit organizations, and fraternal and social clubs and educational institutions, but that does not mean that you don’t have recourse.


What to Do If You Are Being Sexually Harassed

If you feel as if you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work, you can file something called a sexual harassment complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the EEOC. You should also immediately contact the Human Resources division at work to make an internal claim. You may also file a claim with the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights or the ASCHR. To know which agency is more appropriate for your case and circumstances, you should seek the counsel of a sexual harassment attorney in Alaska.

There are occasions where you might want to file with both organizations to get resolution. If you do file with both, they will work in concordance to resolve your case. The EEOC, however, does not handle cases where there are fewer than fifteen employees. So, if you work in a smaller workplace, then the ASCHR might be your best recourse.


What Are the Statute of Limitations for a Sexual Harassment Claim?

In the state of Alaska, you have a limited period of time where you can file a sexual harassment claim. The time allotted to file a claim for sexual harassment is one hundred eighty days from the incident. But, the best way to make sure that you can prove your sexual harassment claim is to file as soon as possible, not just to get the harassment to stop, but so that the events are fresh in your mind.


Should I Hire an Attorney for My Sexual Harassment Claim?

Although you can file a claim without the help and guidance of an attorney, that is not the best way to ensure that you are protected. Although it is not legal for your company to retaliate against someone who has made a sexual harassment claim, there are ways that making a claim might negatively affect your position.

To ensure that your case is handled correctly and that you suffer no negative consequences from reporting your sexual harassment incident, it is an excellent idea to have a professional sexual harassment lawyer from in your corner to guide you through the process of proving your claim and finding a resolution.

Alaska sexual harassment laws are very serious, and courts take claims very seriously. So, whether you file in federal or state court, it is imperative that you have the right professional in your corner so that you have the proper documentation in order, you are protected from retaliation, and that your work placement is not jeopardized.

If it becomes a question of your word against someone else’s, you want to make sure you have the right professional in your corner to help you settle the matter. Contact today if you feel as if you have been a victim of sexual harassment so that they can help you get the harassment to stop and to get you the resolution you deserve.