University of Minnesota’s athletic director Norwood Teague is certainly in the docks after three women have alleged sexual harassment, as reported by While two women have filed a formal complaint against Teague, a Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter went public and accused the former athletics director of sexual harassment.

Reporter details sexual harassment

According to sexual harassment attorneys, Teague has been forced to resign following the graphic text messages he sent to female employees of the University of Minnesota while drinking. Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter, Amelia Rayno, recently detailed her own experience in the newspaper where noted that on earlier occasions they had drinks together in group settings without any incident.

However, Teague’s attitude towards Rayno changed when he got to know that she broke up with her boyfriend in December 2013. She claims he tried to throw his arm around her at a bar, grabbed at her, and pinched her hip. When he was asked to stop, Teague said there was an undeniable chemistry between the two. When she attempted to leave the bar he followed her and forcefully entered the cab and sat close to her all the way to her apartment.

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Stops short of formal complaint fearing loss of job

Rayno also claims that the context and tone of text messages Teague exchanged became more inappropriate over time. She continued to avoid him as much as possible despite his repeated attempts to buy her drinks. Rayno filed a complaint with the university’s human resources department in April 2014. She recommended that they wait to see if Teague’s behavior would change prior to taking action, for which the department obliged.

For the most part, she was afraid that a formal complaint would result in the loss of access to the university. However, she decided to tell her story after two other female employees went public with allegations of sexual harassment against Teague.

Two other female university employees file complaints

According to sexual harassment attorneys, Teague’s graphic text messages to other university employees were the final straw that forced him to resign. As per an earlier report, he admitted to sending the messages and said he would seek help for alcohol abuse. One university employee claimed that Teague began to text uncomfortable messages, which he failed to stop despite being told not to.

He followed her to the bar and asked if she wouldn’t mind cheating on her husband with him, and pinched her on the butt. She claimed he would also attempt to video chat and send sexually explicit messages. During the course of the same evening, around 6:50 pm, he also attempted to touch a second university employee inappropriately and ask her personal questions.

Following the complaints of sexual harassment by the two university employees, school president Eric Kaler banned Teague from having any additional contact with the women and demanded that he seek medical help for alcohol abuse, which incidentally Teague used as an excuse for his behavior. Kaler also said he was disappointed and deeply regretted to learn of Rayno’s report of sexual harassment against Teague and said the university remained committed to ensuring a healthy learning, living, and working environment for all staff, faculty, and students.