A former worker who was accused of stalking media aficionado Tyler Perry has now himself filed a lawsuit claiming compensation for defamation and public ridicule which he says are because of the false accusation Perry made against him.

What is the truth?

The exact sum of money that the lawsuit seeks is not known but it has been confirmed that the damages being sought are well into millions of dollars, as per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The plaintiff or complainant has been identified as Joshua Sole. Sole was initially accused by Perry in a lawsuit where Perry claimed that the man was obsessed with him and had tried several times to meet Perry one on one. Apparently, when he finally saw the chance, Sole disabled alarms and cameras and crawled into Perry’s office in Atlanta through the ceiling.

Sole did not completely deny these allegations but he did say that it was just a miscommunication and the security guards who had apprehended him had made a meal of it.

After the incident was reported by several media franchises, Sole was subjected to public ridicule and criticism. Recently, his sexual harassment attorney has filed a lawsuit against Perry, Tyler Perry Studio, and even a former supervisor Brett Hendrix has been named as a defendant. According to Atlanta sexual harassment attorneys, in the lawsuit, Sole claims he was subjected to a sexually hostile work environment, and was a victim of intentional affliction of emotional distress.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Hendrix would often behave very unprofessionally. He touched Sole inappropriately on more than one occasion and the firm had eventually wrongfully terminated Sole after he refused Hendrix’s sexual advances. Sole says his firing had no grounds and was just a form of retaliation by Hendrix.

The lawsuit also throws light on a Facebook post by Perry soon after Sole’s arrest after the initial office incident. In the post, Perry had suggested that Sole was mentally disturbed.

Tyler Perry and Joshua Cole story: update

In the aforementioned case of Joshua Cole vs Tyler Perry, Tyler Perry Studios, and Brett Hendrix it has been revealed that the plaintiff is claiming $5 million as compensation for economic and non-economic damages, as per a Court House News report. The complaint alleges the plaintiff Cole suffered pain and suffering, public ridicule, sexual harassment, mental anguish, etc. due to the false allegations made against him by media mogul Tyler Perry.


$5 million is far too much according to many people even if what he says is true. $100,000 is more like it.

Former manager of Henry County under the scanner for alleged sexual harassment

Jim Walker the ex-manager of Henry County resigned from his position right after a probe was ordered to investigate claims made by a female employee that Walker had sexually harassed her, as reported by AJC.

A lengthy lawsuit civil lawsuit has been filed by the alleged victim’s sexual harassment attorney. The 25-page report refers to and provides details of several instances of sexual harassment by Walker.

According to one of the instances mentioned in the lawsuit, Walker had put his hand down the female subordinates back pants pocket and had pulled out her cell phone and made sexually lewd comments towards and about her. This type of behavior cannot be condoned and if you have been a victim of sexual harassment you should visit the site USAttorneys.com to seek legal recourse.