One woman has sued American Crystal Sugar for sexual harassment at the East Grand Forks plant. Janine Bailey has filed her case in the US District Court in Minnesota. She has alleged years of sexual discrimination, saying her bosses and co-workers made inappropriate comments, hid her tools, and told her women were dumb and did not belong at the plant.

More supposed mistreatment

She also said that when she had filed an earlier complaint, she was retaliated against. The company has denied her allegations but her sexual harassment lawyers are ready to strike.

Teaching is tough

In another allegation of sexual harassment, two Long Island school teachers have accused their department head of sexually harassing them. John Brennan and Al Daddino, social studies teachers at the Valley Stream North High School in Franklin Square, have said that department head Cecilia Sanossain, sexually harassed them and others, even in front of students. While other teachers have said not all of them were harassed, they have witnessed the incidents. Apparently they were not her type.


Sanossain has been accused of unwanted touching, massaging, and caressing, by Brennan. He said that matters became more difficult when he came to school with a sinus infection. Sanossain began massaging his head, shoulders, and neckline and he had to ask her to stop it. Daddino said that Sanossain threatened him, saying her husband would put his head in the wall.

Brennan said he had already gone to the administration many times, but was now left with no choice but to file a case. Daddino too said that he had complained to the administration in 2014 and in 2015, ten teachers submitted a signed petition.

The teachers want Sanossain to be removed from the school. At present the accusers have filed a civil suit, but sexual harassment attorneys said that it could end up in front of a jury later. Much of this vital information on this topic can be found on If you are in a sexual harassment predicament, this is the site you want to click on.

Sanossain, 51, has been accused of crude come-ons, ribald tales, unwanted caresses, and more. She is reported to have told one male teacher that she “likes to have more sex than her husband,” referred to another as “hot fudge chocolate that students want to eat,” and also said, “I give the best head.”

The sexual harassment lawyer retained by the men has said that it is unusual to have ten people corroborating sexual harassment allegations, especially in writing.

Need for legal representation

Sexual harassment in the workplace can make it difficult for employees to carry on with their duties. If you have faced or are facing sexual harassment or sexual discrimination at work, you need to retain a sexual harassment lawyer who can advise you on the steps you need to take to protect yourself. Often sexual harassment is difficult to prove because there are no witnesses to many of the incidents. However, your lawyer can help you obtain evidence from co-workers who might have witnessed some of the incidents.

While the first step against sexual harassment is a report or complaint to the administration or HR department of your workplace, you should retain a sexual harassment lawyer before this. This will help you file a proper complaint and will enable the attorney to take the case to court more easily if the employer does not take action to stop the harassment.