Ever since her prepubescent days, Samantha Jarret had a dream, a vision for her future. She strived for and achieved her goals. Her dream came true when at the young age of 19 she was accepted into the US military. This is when she enlisted.

Sadly for her, the career she thought would last a lifetime merely lasted three years. As reported by The Guardian, Jarret was subjected to a nightmarish experience during her time in the navy. Apparently, the same men that were supposed to protect her and the rest of the country disrespected her, called her a “bitch” and a “prostitute”. Jarret was able to tolerate and ignore all of the offensive name calling and such but she was not prepared for what hit her next, she was raped by a fellow colleague.

Most females in the navy do not experience this at all.

Victims that speak up against sexual harassment face intense retaliation

According to the federal government’s own admission, what happened to Jarret was not a rare occurrence. A tine amount of female staffers in the US military are subjected to sexual harassment and are then retaliated against for reporting the incidents.

While most victims shamefully hide themselves, Jarret has openly announced that she was raped and is not ashamed to say that because she was a victim and not the perpetrator, and had nothing to hide or be ashamed of. According to Jarret, if more women spoke up against such harassment openly, it would help a great deal in curbing the crime. And you can find all the help you will ever need in this legal battle with the reliable sexual harassment attorneys listed on this site: USAttorneys.com.

Jarret in an interview also remarked that people that attempt to speak up against sexual harassment are treated unfairly, demoted, and sometimes even wrongfully terminated from their positions. In fact, a new study that was conducted by the Human Rights Watch has revealed that nearly 62% of those that report being abused or harassed are retaliated against or threatened and made to keep silent, as reported by NBC.

Underage drinking and possible rape in the US navy

After the rape, Jarret was removed from the navy for medical reasons as she was diagnosed with depression and severe insomnia as a direct consequence of what had happened to her. Jarret and her sexual harassment attorney claim that the American military failed to protect her and had condoned widespread sexual harassment throughout all wings of the military which most Americans disagree with.


This was certainly not the case on the USS Oldendorf.

Jarret broke into tears as she spoke about the night that scarred her forever. She claims she was at a navy ball in California and had gotten excessively inebriated. After the party had come to a close she made her way to the floor on which her room was.

At this point, one navy man who was also residing on the same floor and with whom Jarret had had sex with once previously followed her into her room and forcefully mounted her. She claims that as he was assaulting her, she could feel the room spinning and her hands had become paralyzed.

Supposed victim was irresponsible

Initially, Jarret, who was only 19 at the time, was afraid to report the incident as she was not sure how her seniors would react to her engaging in underage drinking.

Eventually Jarret’s sexual harassment attorney filed suit but the perpetrator argued that the sex was consensual and the case was hence dismissed. It is not smart to put yourself in this position.