Although Texas Democratic senator Carlos Uresti has refused to step down from his political role amid the sexual harassment allegations that have been reported against him and his recent criminal conviction, another senator has elected to take the high road and quit. According to The New York Times, California Democratic Senator, Tony Mendoza, resigned from the Legislature after an investigation was conducted that focused on allegations claiming he had made improper advances toward several women.

According to witness statements, Mendoza, who is married, engaged in “a pattern of unwelcome flirtation and sexually suggestive behavior directed at female staff members and other women working in the State Capitol in Sacramento.” Investigators also found that Mendoza had invited a female Senate fellow, a woman in her early 20’s, to go vacation together and even offered to rent a spare room in the home he was staying in for her.

Mendoza is now the third California lawmaker to resign after national conversation broke out about the issue of sexual harassment. Although Mendoza did file suit against the State Legislature as he felt he had been treated unfairly due to him being Latino, he decided to resign after learning that his fellow lawmakers were preparing to vote on whether to expel him from the State Senate or suspend him without pay. He was already on leave and had been since January. Perhaps he felt that because there was that risk of being expelled that he would be the one to make the first move by leaving. But he didn’t go without expressing how this entire matter has made him feel.

Apparently, Mendoza left behind an incendiary resignation letter “that blasted his colleagues and questioned the legitimacy of the three-month investigation into his conduct.” Although he denies the allegations against him, he also apologized to anyone who he had made feel uncomfortable. Mendoza also expressed that he felt he was “not given the opportunity to defend himself.”

Aside from Mendoza, two other Los-Angeles-area legislators also lost their jobs amid sexual harassment allegations. Raul Bocanegra and Matt Dababneh both were Democrats in the State Assembly. As if that isn’t enough, a female lawmaker, Christina Garcia has been placed on leave from the Assembly after two men accused her of sexual misconduct. Although Garcia “has been a prominent voice in Sacramento against sexual harassment in the state government,” it sounds as though she may not be living by her words.

The #MeToo Movement is Having a Resounding Effect on How Sexual Harassment Allegations are Being Handled

While sexual misconduct cases used to slip through the cracks, allowing perpetrators the chance to continue on with their lives, it appears society is no longer having it. When a person, especially someone who holds a position of power, is accused of engaging in an unwanted sexual act, it is taken seriously. All of the cases mentioned above serve as solid proof that the #MeToo movement is effective and working toward making all industries safer and healthier places to work.

Although much effort has been put into stopping sexual harassment, there are still plenty of victims out there who have yet to speak up. If you are one of those victims or knows someone who is, let get you the legal help you need. We work directly with some of the best sexual harassment attorneys in California and would be happy to place you in contact with them. Not only will these professionals provide you with useful information, but they can answer any questions you might have while giving you the peace of mind knowing that whatever is discussed is kept confidential.