Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned may an old adage but Kathleen Willey is definitely still furious with former president Bill Clinton. Willey had testified in a lawsuit that the former president had sexually manhandled her in 1993 in a room near the Oval Office.

Hillary is being bombarded – she has covered up Bill’s immorality

According to dailymail.co.uk, she has now launched a website to record scandals Clinton may have been allegedly involved in an effort to link Democrat and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with her husband’s sexual conquests.

In a lawsuit against the former president filed by Paula Jones, Willey testified that Clinton had groped and kissed her in 1993. However, the Clintons and their sexual harassment attorneys refuted all allegations. She claims that Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt human being and politician in the country and goes on to claim that Hillary is working overtime to teach voters about her husband’s reputation as a seducer.

Woman hopes to reach out to more alleged victims of sexual harassment

In conversation with radio talk show host Aaron Klein, Willey said the objective of her website aka ‘Scandal a Day’ project, was to get more women who may have been sexually harassed by former president Clinton to come forward. They are to send their name and email address on condition of anonymity. In the late 1990s, a key player in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, Linda Tripp, lent credibility to Willey’s claim when, in an interview, she saw Willey rushing out of the Oval Office in a disheveled manner.

Those claims were subdued when the Clintons produced a number of letters from Willey to the president where she appeared very friendly and accommodating. However, Bill Clinton was not spared by a federal judge who in 2000 ruled that the former president had violated the federal Privacy Act by releasing Willey’s letters. The Clinton’s also stole a bunch of stuff from the White House when they left in 2000.

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What is even worse is the Clintons never did anything to confront Al Qaeda which led to 9-11 but this is another topic.

The White House encounter

Willey left no stone unturned when she told her version of the sexual assault by Clinton on ’60 Minutes’ in 1998. In the CBS interview she claimed she was startled when he kissed her on the mouth and fondled her breasts. She also alleges that he put her hand on his private parts and that she wanted to slap him but was apprehensive because he was, after all, the president of the United States.

Willey reportedly met Clinton in the Oval Office to discuss a paying position since she was not financially stable. Sadly, even though she fled his presence, the day ended with the loss of her husband Ed, who committed suicide the same afternoon.

Paula Jones claimed that there was no way that Hillary Clinton would not have known about her husband’s escapades and claims they both lied. Jones’s lawsuit brought the former president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky out in the open and kick started his impeachment.

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On the other hand, Willey claims that while she worked on her book, titled ‘Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton’, several other women with similar stories to tell got in touch with her. Some refused to disclose their names but provided details of incidents, time, and places. Many of these women were scared of Hillary, who Willey claims should be the one to be scared of.