A New York state appellate court has ruled that urban real estate firm Forest City Ratner must provide information about any sexual harassment claims against its former executive and former dean of New York University’s Schack Real Estate Institute, James Stuckey. The court order stems from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Stuckey by Stephanie Bonadio in 2012, as reported by therealdeal.com.

Plaintiff alleges sexual harassment by former dean

In the lawsuit filed by her sexual harassment attorney, Bonadio alleged that Stuckey sexually harassed her at NYU. As reported earlier by nydailynews.com, the plaintiff claimed that she was removed from her job after she complained about Stuckey who she alleges ruined her career at NYU’s Schack Institute for Real Estate which was otherwise on the rise.

The plaintiff claimed that Stuckey tried to get her to perform sexual acts while they dined at the Strip House, a restaurant on E. 12th Street. When she asked him about her promotion that was pending, Bonadio alleged that he grabbed her hand and forcibly placed it on his crotch. She backed off and told him that she wasn’t the type of girl to flirt around.


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Stuckey abruptly resigns from Forest City

Following Bonadio’s complaint, Stuckey who had also served as chief of Mayor Bloomberg’s commission on design, resigned citing health reasons. The plaintiff was told that her job was no longer available nor could she be assigned any other specific job at NYU. However, Vice President of NYU John Beckman denied that Bonadio was sacked because of any sexual harassment complaint.

He claimed that the university would never retaliate in such a manner especially if anyone reported sexual harassment. At the time, he also insisted that Bonadio was employed at NYU and that she was urged to come back to work.  Bonadio now has the court’s go ahead to find out if any other Forest City Ratner employees has similar complaints against Stuckey, who is said to have left Forest City in 2007.

Exposed: female janitors subjected to sexual assault – the abuse story of Erika Morales

Erika Morales worked as a janitor for ABM Industries Inc. What she hated about her job the most was how lonely and vulnerable it made her feel. She would scrub hallways and toilets and make sure everything was clean after all the employee’s had left for the day. The only other human being that she would cross paths with during her work hours was her supervisor, Jose Vasquez.

As reported by revealnews.org, Vasquez took advantage of the fact that the woman was alone and no one was around to stop him from assaulting her and would often groper her while making inappropriate comments. Morales, scared for her life, refrained from reporting the incidents and Vasquez’ behavior worsened by the day until he finally raped her.

This is not uncommon where a lot of night shift female janitors are subjected to sexual harassment throughout the country. Vasquez has since been terminated and ABM industries have been successfully sued for having negligently hired a convicted rapist and putting him charge of helpless female janitors.