Are workplaces allowed to permit sexual harassment in Grapevine?

Grapevine, TX – All states and the federal government have some kind of protections against sexual harassment for workers. These can vary from an outright ban on sexual harassment (as in most jurisdictions), to training requirements, to other regulations. Texas law has specifically outlawed certain types of harassment, including asking for sexual favors from interns. Anyone who is curious about how they should handle potential harassment in the workplace should get specific legal advice about prevention measures and local regulations. 

Prohibitions on harassment

Workplaces should generally define sexual harassment, take note of how it may happen, and take preventive measures. This should be done universally regardless of the specific laws in place. This is mainly because federal sexual harassment laws are essentially a specific type of protection for workers, even if there are no state of local laws against harassment, the employer can always potentially be sued in federal court. A federal harassment lawsuit is still capable of making the employer pay out damages to the victim due to the conduct of workers. 

Training requirements

Depending on the jurisdiction, the workplace may be required to notify their employees of all relevant sexual harassment laws, and train them how to identify and prevent illegal behavior. This can include reading of the laws and policies that are effective, along with going over workplace scenarios that demonstrate the type of behavior employees are actually likely to see. Training protocols should also be updated regularly as relevant policies change. 

The employer should also make some kind of written sexual harassment policy that is in force within their company. This will help clearly identify rules and enforcement procedures. 

Consequences of sexual harassment

A workplace that allows a worker to be harassed without fixing the situation may have several issues. They may be investigated by a state or federal agency. The employer may also face lawsuits that cost them large sums of money. 

Damages in sexual harassment lawsuits are capped based on the size of the employer. This means that larger employers stand to lose more by letting harassment happen. The victim will also need to be compensated for costs associated with lost income and wages, treatment such as therapy and counseling, and the costs of finding a new job or career. There is also the possibility of significant backlash and financial losses from the negative publicity associated with a company that has had a harassment scandal publicized in the media.    

Help from an experienced employment attorney

Moore and Associates handles labor and employment law matters in Grapevine and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys focus on issues related to sexual harassment, discrimination, and unpaid wage lawsuits. 

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