Carson City, AZ– A new lawsuit filed by an officer of the Capitol Hill police alleges that she was discriminated against because of her age and was subjected to inappropriate sexual behavior by her fellow officers.

In her suit, Alice Valdez, who is over 40, listed five officers as defendants, and says she was treated differently by her fellow officers. She also alleges when she reported the men, her superiors ignored her allegations, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Five or six, officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation that was requested by Governor Sandoval. Neither the Governor’s office nor the Attorney General could confirm whether the investigation is related to the suit filed by Valdez.

Valdez, who is Hispanic, said in her complaint that her fellow officers questioned her ability to do her job because she was female and also said she was too old. Her fellow officers also said she should have pursued other careers such as a “stay-at-home” mom of considered a job at McDonald’s.

Valdez believes she has suffered discrimination for her ethnicity, as well. As one of only four women on the force, Valdez said she and one of her other female coworkers were discriminated against, “yet a female officer who is a white female in her 20s has received favoritism,” her lawsuit states.

In addition to the discrimination, Valdez says she was subjected to sexual harassment, which had been observed “by other officers, gubernatorial staff and other state employees as well as the public,” the lawsuit states, according to the Sun.

In one incident, fellow officer Chris Aranyos made unwanted sexual comments and asked her to have sex with him. The complaint states Aranyos said to Valdez that if the world was coming to an end he “would bend you over the desk and do you right here.”

The suit also stated that in another incident, Aranyos rubbed her body in a “sexual manner” and looked at her lustfully.

Valdez alerted her supervisors to the discrimination and harassment but she is unaware if any actions have taken against the five officers named in her suit and says she fears that she will be retaliated against.

Her office has been moved from the Governor’s mansion to the Attorney General’s office.

Valdez’s lawsuit is seeking damages from the five officers and the Department of Public Safety. It also states Valdez has suffered “a severe and pervasive hostile and abusive working environment because of her sex/gender, race and age.”

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids discrimination against anyone for their gender, age or race and also protects men and women from being subjected to sexual harassment. When an employee is subjected to any type of discrimination or sexual harassment they have the right to pursue they guilty parties for any lost wages and emotional distress that results from their abuse. A sexual harassment attorney can assure that their clients get a fair settlement and that their employer takes steps to discipline the offending employees.