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Suit Alleges Student Used in Sexual Harassment Sting Was Raped

September 22, 2014/by DAMG

Intern Sues USB for $5 Million, Alleging She was Sexually Harassed by Her Supervisor

September 17, 2014/by DAMG

Three Repulsive Horror Stories about Sexual Harassment

September 16, 2014/by DAMG

Leaked Nudes, Revenge Porn and Workplace Sexual Harassment

September 15, 2014/by DAMG

Illinois Costco Sued for Sexual Harassment for Not Stopping Stalker

September 11, 2014/by DAMG

Former Stripper Accuses Dallas Cowboys Owner of Sexual Harassment

September 10, 2014/by DAMG

That was Quick! Tinder Settles Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Suit with Co-founder Wolfe

September 9, 2014/by DAMG

Two Disturbing Cases of Customer Sexual Harassment

September 4, 2014/by DAMG

Workplace Relationships; A Sexual Harassment Suit in the Making?

August 29, 2014/by DAMG

Three Ridiculously High Sexual Harassment Settlements

August 28, 2014/by DAMG

Former San Diego Mayor “Dirty Old Man” Filner Facing Yet another Sexual Harassment Suit

August 26, 2014/by DAMG

Four Women Accuse Everett Mayor of Sexual Harassment

August 25, 2014/by DAMG

Facing Sexual Harassment Accusations, Ohio Doctor Testifies His Erection Was a Bottle in His Pocket

August 22, 2014/by DAMG

Tenants Settle Sexual Harassment Suit with Landlord

August 21, 2014/by DAMG

California Lawmakers Pass Legislation to Protect Farm Workers from Sexual Harassment

August 20, 2014/by DAMG

Survey: Flirting Cause of Sexual Harassment

August 19, 2014/by DAMG

Cashier Hits Kroger with $2M Sexual Harassment Suit

August 15, 2014/by DAMG

Potato Warehouse Facing Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Suit

August 13, 2014/by DAMG

Urban Outfitters Slapped with Sexual Harassment Suit Because of Creepy Customer

August 12, 2014/by DAMG

Ohio AG Accused of Intervening in Sexual Harassment Investigation

August 11, 2014/by DAMG

Ohio State Band Director Ousted After Sexual Harassment Investigation

August 7, 2014/by DAMG

What If I’m Falsely Accused of Sexual Harassment?

August 6, 2014/by DAMG

New Haven Mayor Accused of Sexual Harassment

August 4, 2014/by DAMG

Former Vanderbilt University Student Files $20 Million Sexual Suit Against University

July 30, 2014/by DAMG

Women at Comic-Con want Better Protections Against Sexual Harassment

July 28, 2014/by DAMG

Wall Street Investor Hit with $75 M Sexual Harassment Suit

July 24, 2014/by DAMG

Kid Rock Gets Dragged into Insane Clown Posse Sexual Harassment Suit

July 22, 2014/by DAMG

Young Scientists Say Sexual Harassment Common in the Field

July 18, 2014/by DAMG

Female Exec for Yahoo Facing Sexual Harassment Suit

July 14, 2014/by DAMG

Disney Exonerated of Retaliation in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

July 9, 2014/by DAMG

Cartoon Network Creator Fired For Sexual Harassment

July 7, 2014/by DAMG

Tinder Founder Suspended Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations, CEO Says Suit Isn’t Factual

July 3, 2014/by DAMG

Dating App Tinder’s Co-founder Sues for Sexual Harassment

July 1, 2014/by DAMG

District Attorney Denies Sexually Harassing Former Worker

June 30, 2014/by DAMG

Keys to a Proving Sexual Harassment in Fort Lauderdale

June 27, 2014/by DAMG

Audit Identifies Failings of California Universities Campus Sexual Assault and Harassment Policies

June 25, 2014/by DAMG

American Apparel CEO Fired Over Nude Photos in Connection to Sexual Harassment Case

June 23, 2014/by DAMG

RHOBH Star Hit with $100K in Punitive Damages in Sexual Harassment Suit

June 18, 2014/by DAMG

Racy Photographer Terry Richardson Denies Sexual Harassment Accusations

June 16, 2014/by DAMG

Lisa Vanderpump Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

June 13, 2014/by DAMG

SunTrust Settles Sexual Harassment Case against Manger of Sarasota Branch

June 11, 2014/by DAMG

Village Candle Founder Accused of Sexually Harassing Three Employees

June 10, 2014/by DAMG

Survey: Sexual Harassment Common Online

June 6, 2014/by DAMG

Navy Investigation Finds Former Blue Angels Commander Encouraged Sexual Harassment

June 4, 2014/by DAMG

Former Employee and Ex-Girlfriend Sues Donald Sterling for Sexual Harassment

June 3, 2014/by DAMG

Starbucks Barista Claims She was Fired after Complaining about Sexual Harassment

June 2, 2014/by DAMG

Employee Drops Sexual Harassment Suit against Iowa Casino

May 30, 2014/by DAMG

Johnny Manziel Hit with Ridiculous $25 M Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

May 29, 2014/by DAMG

Why You Should Never Let Sexual Harassment Go Unreported

May 28, 2014/by DAMG

Study: Gangs in School Lead to More Sexual Harassment

May 27, 2014/by DAMG

Law Group Sued for Sexual Harassment by Former Attorney

May 22, 2014/by DAMG

Three Women Accuse Baptist Seminary President of Sexual Harassment

May 20, 2014/by DAMG

Catholic High School Teacher Files Sexual Harassment Suit after Students Take “Up-skirt” Photos

May 19, 2014/by DAMG

Pentagon Punished 500 Military Members for Sexual Harassment

May 16, 2014/by DAMG

Florida Hospital Hit with Sexual Harassment Suit

May 15, 2014/by DAMG

South Carolina Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Students On and Off Campus

May 13, 2014/by DAMG

New York Transit Employee Accuses Boss of Male-on-Male Sexual Harassment

May 12, 2014/by DAMG

Sexual Harassment Suits Alleges Christian-based Recovery Program was “Cesspool of Sex”

May 9, 2014/by DAMG

Oregon Grocer on the Hook for Nearly Half a Million for Sexual Harassment by Customer

May 8, 2014/by DAMG

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican and College Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment

May 7, 2014/by DAMG

Veterans Lawsuit Alleges the VA Discriminates Against Sexual Harassment Victims

May 5, 2014/by DAMG

55 Colleges under Investigation for Mishandling of Sexual Assaults

May 2, 2014/by DAMG

House Votes for Expansion of Sexual Harassment Training for Lawmakers and Staff

May 1, 2014/by DAMG

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life after Racist Rant

April 29, 2014/by DAMG

Texas Teacher Arrested After Giving Lap Dance to Middle School Student

April 29, 2014/by DAMG

Virginia Doctor Slapped with another Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

April 28, 2014/by DAMG

Blue Angels Commander Reassigned for Allegedly Allowing Sexual Harassment

April 24, 2014/by DAMG

R. Kelley Paid Secret Sexual Harassment Settlement to Housekeeper

April 23, 2014/by DAMG

GitHub Co-Founder Resigns in the Wake of Sexual Harassment Probe

April 22, 2014/by DAMG

Model Accuses Famous Photographer of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

April 21, 2014/by DAMG

“Dirty Old Man” Filner Hit with Another Sexual Harassment Suit

April 18, 2014/by DAMG

Illinois Treasurer Wants Sexual Harassment Suit Dismissed

April 18, 2014/by DAMG

RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump Attempts to Settle Sexual Harassment Case Ahead of Trial

April 14, 2014/by DAMG

49ers’ Colin Kaepernick Says Sexual Assault Accusations “Completely Wrong”

April 11, 2014/by DAMG

Congresswoman Fights to Make Sexual Harassment Training Mandatory for House

April 10, 2014/by DAMG

Ethics Panel Clears Kentucky Lawmaker of Sexual Harassment Charges

April 9, 2014/by DAMG

Middle School Students Frequently Endure Sexual Harassment According to New Study

April 7, 2014/by DAMG

Harvard Establishes Sexual Harassment Committee

April 4, 2014/by DAMG

Car Dealership Settles Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Case for $2 Million

April 2, 2014/by DAMG

America’s Largest Jeweler Accused of Sexual Harassment

April 1, 2014/by DAMG

Iowa Tucking Company Facing Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit

March 31, 2014/by DAMG

Sexual Harassment More Distressing for Military Men than Women

March 28, 2014/by DAMG

New York City Council Passes Bill to Give Interns Protection against Sexual Harassment

March 27, 2014/by DAMG

Additional Women Allege Sexual Harassment at Virginia Clinic

March 25, 2014/by DAMG

Texas Man Wins Half A Million Dollar Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Female Boss

March 24, 2014/by DAMG

Doctor Accused of Sexual Harassment and Trading Botox for Sex

March 21, 2014/by DAMG

GitHub Founder Suspended Over Sexual Harassment Complaints

March 19, 2014/by DAMG

Former “Ink Master” Production Assistant Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Spike TV

March 18, 2014/by DAMG

Penis Pictures and Groping; NYPD Officer Accuses Sergeant of Sexual Harassment

March 17, 2014/by DAMG

Oregon Radio Personality Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

March 13, 2014/by DAMG