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Legislation to Prevent Sexual Assault in the Military Fails to Pass Senate

November 25, 2013/by DAMG

Attorneys Engaged in “He Said, She Said” Over FSU’s Jameis Winston’s Sexual Assault Allegations

November 22, 2013/by DAMG

Are People Who Blame the Victim Prone to Sexually Harassment?

November 21, 2013/by DAMG

Sexual Harassment Has Far-reaching Effects on the Victims

November 20, 2013/by DAMG

Is Sexual Harassment Training Enough to Prevent Lawsuits?

November 19, 2013/by DAMG

What You Should Do if You Are Being Sexually Harassed?

November 18, 2013/by DAMG

Is Office Dating a Sexual Harassment Disaster For Employers?

November 15, 2013/by DAMG

The Most Disgusting Case of Sexual Harassment Ever

November 14, 2013/by DAMG

Could You Get Fired For You Sexual Orientation? You Can if You’re LBGT

November 11, 2013/by DAMG

Sexual Harassment on College Campuses

November 7, 2013/by DAMG

Maine Agricultural Inspector Alleges Sexual Harassment by Female Supervisor

November 6, 2013/by DAMG

Two-Thirds of U.K. Women Report Being Sexually Harassed

November 5, 2013/by DAMG

Mortuary School Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

November 4, 2013/by DAMG

New York Post Editor Must Answer Racial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

October 30, 2013/by DAMG

LGBTQ Teens Encounter More Sexual Harassment than Heterosexual Teens

October 25, 2013/by DAMG

Professor Accuses Dean of Ohio Law School of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

October 24, 2013/by DAMG

Female Employees Allege Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at Denver’s Sushi Den

October 23, 2013/by DAMG

Arizona Utilities Owner Hit With $3M Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Voter Intimidation Lawsuit

October 22, 2013/by DAMG

Washington Police Officers Accuse of Female Chief of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

October 21, 2013/by DAMG

Something in the Air? LA City Council Member Hit With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

October 18, 2013/by DAMG

Even Nerds Can Be Pervs; Scientific American Facing Two Sexual Harassment Scandals

October 17, 2013/by DAMG

Former San Diego Mayor Bob “Dirty Old Man” Filner Pleads Guilty to Sexual Harassment

October 16, 2013/by DAMG

Iron Worker Wins Victory in Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Case

October 15, 2013/by DAMG

Deployed Women in Combat Situations More Likely to Be Sexually Harassed or Assaulted

October 14, 2013/by DAMG

How Can a Denver Employer Avoid Sexual Harassment Claims at their Halloween Office Party?

October 11, 2013/by DAMG

Miss Kansas Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment

October 10, 2013/by DAMG

Judge Rules Against Unpaid Intern in Sexual Harassment Case

October 9, 2013/by DAMG

Should I File a Formal Complaint if I’m Sexually Harassed at Work?

October 8, 2013/by DAMG

Sexual Harassment and Assault Investigations on Hold for University of Colorado-Boulder

October 7, 2013/by DAMG

Illinois Police Officer Files Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit

October 4, 2013/by DAMG

Manager of Women’s Group Accused of Female-on-Female Sexual Harassment

October 2, 2013/by DAMG

Kentucky Legislative Staffers File Two Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

October 1, 2013/by DAMG

Sexting Creates New opportunities for Sexual Harassment

September 30, 2013/by DAMG

Another Kentucky Legislator Accused of Sexual Harassment

September 27, 2013/by DAMG

D.C. Fire Instructors Behavior Was Inappropriate But Not Sexual Harassment

September 25, 2013/by DAMG

Georgia Chick-fil-A Employee Files Male on Male Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

September 23, 2013/by DAMG

Insane Clown Posse Sued for Sexual Harassment, Are You Surprised?

September 18, 2013/by DAMG

Doreen Alderman, Kelsey Grammer’s First Wife Accused of Sexually Harassing Building Manager

September 16, 2013/by DAMG

Brooks Brothers Slapped With $30 Million Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

September 13, 2013/by DAMG

University Of Montana Awaits Approval of Less Restrictive Sexual Harassment Policy

September 12, 2013/by DAMG

Central Kentucky Mayor Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

September 11, 2013/by DAMG

History Professor at West Point Dismissed over Allegations of Sexual Harassment

September 10, 2013/by DAMG

Arizona Police Officer Files Sexual Harassment and Age Discrimination Suit

September 9, 2013/by DAMG

NJ Transit Employee Alleges Harassment Based on His Sexual Orientation

September 5, 2013/by DAMG

California Law Extends Sexual Harassment Protections

September 3, 2013/by DAMG

Third Staffer Emerges With Sexual Harassment Claims against Kentucky Legislator

August 30, 2013/by DAMG

Amazon Publishing Chief Accused of Lurid Sexual Harassment

August 29, 2013/by DAMG

Another Woman Files Sexual Harassment Claims Against Bob Filner

August 27, 2013/by DAMG

Archie Comics Exec Files Counter Sexual Harassment Claims against Former Assistant

August 23, 2013/by DAMG

Filner Reaches Tentative Deal in Sexual Harassment Case as another Accuser Comes Forward

August 22, 2013/by DAMG

Democratic Kentucky Legislator Accused of Sexual Harassment

August 21, 2013/by DAMG

Pennsylvania Education Director Accused of Sexual Harassment

August 20, 2013/by DAMG

New York Athletic Club Supervisor Accused of Requesting Sex in Exchange for Shifts

August 19, 2013/by DAMG

Bob Filner’s Sexual Harassment Made Great -Grandmother Cry

August 16, 2013/by DAMG

New York Democrat in Hot Water over Sexual Harassment Allegations, Loses Key Endorsement

August 15, 2013/by DAMG

Ending Sexual Harassment in your Mississippi Workplace

August 14, 2013/by DAMG

Los Angeles City Councilman Accused of Sexually Harassing Former Deputy Chief of Staff

August 13, 2013/by DAMG

Illinois Town Settles Sexual Harassment Case for $675,000

August 9, 2013/by DAMG

Sexual Assault Victims Come Forward with Harassment Allegations against Mayor Filner

August 7, 2013/by DAMG

Bikram Yoga Founder Accused of Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination and Homophobia in New Lawsuit

August 6, 2013/by DAMG

Military Dismisses 60 Soldiers in Sexual Harassment Probe

August 5, 2013/by DAMG

Is Power the Motivation for Sexual Harassment?

August 2, 2013/by DAMG

Lawyers Say San Diego Mayor Never Received Sexual Harassment Training

August 1, 2013/by DAMG

Popular Radio Host “Piolín” Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

July 31, 2013/by DAMG

Florida Bailiff Alleges Sexual Harassment in Polk County Courthouse

July 29, 2013/by DAMG

Third Woman Comes Forward with Sexual Harassment Allegations against San Diego’s Randy Mayor

July 25, 2013/by DAMG

“Worst Time of My Entire Working Life,” Ex-Staffer of San Diego Mayor Details Sexual Harassment

July 24, 2013/by DAMG

High-Powered Attorney Gloria Allred to Represent Mayor Filner Sexual Harassment Victim

July 22, 2013/by DAMG

Military Sexual Assault Problem Takes Ironic Turn With Mayor Filner

July 18, 2013/by DAMG

Major League Baseball Passes Sexual Harassment Protections

July 18, 2013/by DAMG

San Diego Mayor Faces Allegations of Sexual Harassment

July 11, 2013/by DAMG

University of North Carolina under Investigation for Retaliation

July 10, 2013/by DAMG

Set Dresser Alleges Sexual Harassment on 90210, Files Suit against CBS

July 8, 2013/by DAMG

Sen. John McCain Challenges DOJ over Sexual Harassment Definition, Says it Violates Free Speech

July 3, 2013/by DAMG

“Master Chef” Contestants Allege Sexual Harassment and Physical Assault at the Hand of Judges

June 27, 2013/by DAMG

SCOTUS Ruling Restricts Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Cases

June 25, 2013/by DAMG

“Frontline” Documentary Tackles Sexual Harassment in the Agriculture Industry, Features Evans Fruit Case

June 24, 2013/by DAMG

Wisconsin Billionaire Accused Money Manager’s Wife

June 20, 2013/by DAMG

Employees at Tennessee New Breed Logistics Warehouse Wins Million Dollar Sexual Harassment Suit

June 18, 2013/by DAMG

Appeals Court Says Professor’s “Suck my D*ck” Comment is Sexual Harassment

June 12, 2013/by DAMG

Lawsuits Emerge in Vito Lopez Sexual Harassment Scandal, More Dirty Details Revealed

June 10, 2013/by DAMG