Attorneys Engaged in “He Said, She Said” Over FSU’s Jameis Winston’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Tallahassee, FL- The city of Tallahassee was roiled when a case surfaced in which Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston was accused of sexually assaulting a young woman, now the attorneys representing the victim and Winston are engaged in a game of “he said, she said.”

The attorney representing Jameis Winston said that sexual relations between his client and an unidentified young woman, who has accused him of assault, were in fact consensual. The attorney representing the woman and her family, however, claims she was not only assaulted by a prominent Seminole player, but was also threatened by police and warned not proceed with her case.

The alleged assault took place almost a year ago on December 7, 2012, at the victim’s off-campus apartment. Immediately after the alleged assault the women went to police to file a formal complaint. A month later with the help of an attorney she went to police again alleging she was raped by FSU quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Jameis Winston.

But in the football crazy town, the police were not receptive to the victim’s allegation and allegedly sought to cover the incident up.

In a statement released to the Tampa Bay Times, Patricia Carroll, the attorney representing the victims said the police threatened her client and prematurely alerted FSU campus police and Winston’s attorney, Tim Jensen, of the allegations, further cementing the notion that football reigns over justice.

“We requested assistance from an attorney friend to interact with law enforcement on the victim’s behalf,” the victim’s family statement said. “When the attorney contacted Detective [Scott] Angulo immediately after Winston was identified, Detective Angulo told the attorney that Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable.”

Upon this threat, the victim decided not to press charges and ended her contact with police in February. The case languished until earlier this month when the state’s attorney office decided to conduct a thorough investigation and put the case to rest. It became a matter of record, when

The ensuing investigation revealed that Winston’s DNA was found on the victim’s underwear. Jensen argues that the presence of DNA does not prove his client raped the young woman, only that they had sexual relations which he insists were consensual. He added that his client voluntarily submitted his DNA.

This is not a pretty case and the police were right in their assertion that the woman will be “rake over the coals.” Some naysayers will either blame the victim or claim that she only filed the complaint because Winston is famous and hopes to gain something.

Some have also accused the family of leaking the information to the media, but Carroll said this is not the case and her client has suffered since the story surfaced.

However, it should be noted that the woman came forward before Winston became famous in the world of football. Winston will still play for the Seminoles this weekend and they face off with Idaho.