Cleveland, Ohio- A former salesman at 19 Action News in Cleveland, Ohio has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit detailing a Bacchanalian-like atmosphere in the station’s offices where sex and drugs were used to secure sales and keep customers.

Kevin Flannigan is seeking $35,000 for hostile work environment and retaliation. He wants the station to compensate him for lost sales commissions and emotional damages.

In his suit, Flannigan describes the lengths station employees would go to in order to secure advertising sales and how station executives turned a blind eye to drug use and rampant quid pro quo sexual relations among staff and customers to “foster new business.”

According the complaint, Flannigan was hired in 2010, by station executive Debra Pando, who expressed in an interview that she did not normally hire men for the sales department because they did not perform as well as women, according to the Plains Dealer. Little did Flannigan know what she meant, but soon found out.

Flannigan says employees were encouraged to “engage in inappropriate sexual practices including sexual contact with other employees and clients and rampant use of illegal drugs at corporate events, many times involving clients.”

Some of the antics by station employees resulted in $300,000 in lost sales.

His suit states that station employees would use drugs and alcohol while on the clock and at officer parties. The station’s upper management allegedly turned a blind eye to the conduct.

On one occasion, station executive Pando, smoked marijuana with a client and gave the client oral sex after an office party in order to convince the client to continue sponsoring the event.

Pando allegedly engaged in a host of inappropriate behaviors, once getting very drunk at an office event, took off her top and flashed people outside a bar, the Plains Dealer reported. She also allegedly passed out drunk in front of client and his 20 year-old son.

In another incident, Pando showed up to a client meeting wearing red mini-skirt and heavy makeup. At the meeting she allegedly bragged about having sex with her “designated dick,” which resulted in the loss of that particular client.

Staff parties included one on a client’s boat where female station employees cavorted about in bikinis, which was among the several incidents where sexual favors were offered to clients.

Flannigan claims that station management was aware of Pando’s inappropriate behavior but did nothing to stop it. His suit states that he complained to management about the environment at the office, which resulted in Pando trying to fire him.

He was allowed to keep his job, but was ordered to work from home and was given a new supervisor. Since returning to work, Flannigan’s lawsuit alleges he has been bullied and ostracized.

The station’s vice president and general manager, William Applegate, who is also named in the suit, denies the allegations, stating Flannigan’s claims are erroneous and offensive.

“We certainly do intend to defend ourselves vigorously,” said Applegate.