Basic facts about sexual harassment in Georgetown

Georgetown, TX – Workers receive legal protections from various kinds of discrimination by their employers. Sexual harassment is a term that describes a specific type of gender based discrimination, and an employer who allows this kind of conduct to take place can be liable and made to pay damages to the victim. There are some attorneys who focus on sexual harassment issues, and they can provide more details about these matters. Here are a few important points about how sexual harassment cases work in practice. 

Any person can become a victim of sexual harassment 

Most sexual harassment historically took place in situations where female employees were exploited by their male supervisors in the workplace. However, victims of sexual harassment can be any gender, and it is possible that the person responsible for the harassment and the victim can be the same gender. This means that the state and federal laws that prohibit sexual harassment apply to all workers equally. 

There are a few different situations that are considered harassment

While workers can get help for various kinds of discrimination and mistreatment in their workplace, there are two specific situations that qualify as sexual harassment under the law. This includes quid pro quo harassment, where a worker’s boss, supervisor, or other person in a position of authority tries to coerce another employee into some kind of sexual act. This is usually done under the threat of lost employment, demotions, or other negative consequences. The other type of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. This is when a person is constantly subjected to mistreatment that is based on gender or sex, and their ability to work as normal is affected. In addition to other employees, employers should protect workers from a hostile work environment that is caused by customers and other parties as they can be liable for mistreatment caused by these groups as well. 

Compensation is limited by the size of the employer

There are specific damage caps for sexual harassment cases that limit the amount of money victims can collect. These increase with the number of employees the company has, which means that there is generally more money available to victims when larger companies are sued for harassment if the lawsuit is successful. 

More information about employment law issues

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that helps people in Georgetown and other parts of Texas. Their lawyers focus on issues related to unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination, and sexual harassment. 

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