Allegations of sexual harassment against Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden by a Missouri woman in a 2011 filing of a lawsuit have just made their way into the spotlight. The mayor was not pinpointed, named, or included as a defendant in the suit. However, he has been accused of sexually harassing the woman.

Not named personally

Allegations were first reported by The Pitch, a free alternative Kansas City weekly newspaper since the lawsuit was highlighted by a former supervisor of the plaintiff who was candidate in a city council race. Cynthia Sloan filed the lawsuit against Tetra Tech, an engineering firm, and the council candidate in 2011. She claims she had to cope with sexual harassment to win clients for the company. According to sexual harassment attorneys, the suit which was eventually settled in 2012, Mayor Holden was only identified in the suit as ‘the mayor of Baton Rouge’.

Is there more to the revelation that meets the eye?

Sloan alleges she was sent to Baton Rouge on company work on at least two occasions and was sexually harassed by Holden. The news comes at a time when the mayor is running for Lieutenant Governor. He has been mayor of the city since 2005.

Salvation Army settles a sexual harassment lawsuit by former Modesto branch employee

A sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the Salvation Army’s Modesto Citadel Corps in September 2013 by one of its longtime employees has been settled. Kimberlea Rea, 50, an employee of the religious nonprofit sued the organization and its head Capt. Michael Paugh, claiming the former leader had sexually harassed her for over one and a half years. She alleged that other employees including supervisors were aware of the harassment but chose to keep silent.


Details of settlement not disclosed

Rea, a single mother, alleged that Paugh frequently struck up conversations about their sex lives and touched her inappropriately. She claimed in her lawsuit that he drove by her home and enquired about her teenage children’s sex lives.

He also stalked her at work and commented on her physical assets. Sexual harassment attorneys for both parties have declined to comment on details of the settlement. The plaintiff had sought $1 million in damages. The public relations director for the Golden State Division of the Salvation Army stated in an email that the matter had been resolved.

Judge urges settlement

According to reports, Magistrate Judge Barbara McAuliffe had urged the attorneys in a court hearing in Fresno in December last year to reach a settlement. She was of the opinion that the Salvation Army would be possibly face issues if the case went to trial as the plaintiff had a compelling story to tell.

Judge McAuliffe also said that the defendant needed to consider other jury verdicts in similar situations before they come to the table. However, the judge reiterated that it was her personal view and could not force any settlement. Court records indicate that a settlement conference was held in January this year.

Not even fired

The USD Institute for Nonprofit and Education and Research’s director, Pat Libby, said she understood the Salvation Army’s position but reaffirmed that she was all for transparency in such matters. She was of the opinion that such a scandal causes a ripple effect on all nonprofits and hampers their ability to receive charitable contributions. Well, do not employ irresponsible people!

Paugh was assigned a new position following the case, which according to his LinkedIn profile is at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in Anaheim.

Now he can continue his wayward and unprofessional ways. Just like the government, no one is really ever fired.