Baton Rouge workers may have to take steps to ensure proper pay and find missing wages

Baton Rouge, LA – One of the worst things an employee may have to endure is not being paid properly for all of the hours that they have worked. Sometimes the employer will discriminate against employees through illegal pay practices, other times they may simply not keep appropriate records and monitor their payroll carefully enough. Workers are always entitled to be compensated for all activities and labor done at the direction of their employer. 

Late payments and missing wages

Some employers simply do not pay their employees on time, or they underpay them to avoid paying proper wages. This may happen if a company is struggling financially, or if the employer has certain unethical practices built into their business model. 

Many of these mistakes and problems are considered late wages, and it is technically illegal for an employer to engage in this kind of behavior, regardless of their motivations or whether it was an honest mistake. Employees who are not being paid properly should notify their employer and see if they can receive all of their outstanding wages. If this does not resolve the situation, it may be necessary to contact an attorney and bring a formal claim for unpaid wages against the company. 

Payments after a job has ended

Even if an employer has laid off a worker, or the person has quit, Louisiana law requires that the person receives all of their outstanding pay within fifteen days of their final day of work. This is true whether the worker has quit, resigned, been subject to a layoff, was terminated, or even fired for violating company policies. The business that employed the worker must compensate them for all work that was performed up until the time that the employment ended. 

Remedies for improper pay

Once it becomes apparent that the employer will not resolve the situation, or they have not kept proper records to verify the hours worked, it is necessary to get outside help by filing an EEOC claim or contacting a labor lawyer.

The employment commission, labor board, or lawyer assigned to the case may investigate to see if the company is engaged in widespread pay theft or discrimination. This can result in additional sanctions if evidence of these behaviors is found. 

Employees who were affected may be entitled to back pay, plus interest. The legal term for financial losses suffered by a victim in any civil case is damages. A worker’s damages will usually include not only the missing wages, but other financial problems that were directly caused by the employer’s illegal actions. 

Talking with an employment lawyer about wage issues

A labor attorney can provide more information about possible remedies for things like harassment, unpaid wages, and discrimination. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf assist workers in the Baton Rouge area. 

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