Sexual harassment has been one of the most talked about issues for the past few months, although it has been occurring for years. This has led to companies revamping their policies to ensure all staff members are aware of what constitutes as sexual misconduct to help prevent an incident from happening. While many individuals are aware of what sexual harassment is, there are a few behaviors that could potentially lead to a harassment lawsuit being filed.

We share with you some of these behaviors below:

  1. Displaying inappropriate materials. Things like sexually explicit or demeaning jokes, pictures, cartoons, or even a calendar that displays sexual content shouldn’t be posted or shared with others as this could make someone feel uncomfortable, according to Property Casualty 360.
  2. Using unprofessional language or pet names. Employees or even staff members should avoid using words such as honey or sweet pea as they sometimes sound “patronizing.”
  3. Flirting or making unwelcome sexual advances. Trying to make plans with someone after work hours or even attempting to make sexual advances using body language should be avoided at all costs. Standing too closely or giving gifts that suggest something sexual could lead to someone feeling as though they are being forced into a situation they don’t want to be in.
  4. Inappropriate touching. There is no reason why physical contact is ever made between an employer and their employees or even between co-workers. A workplace is a professional place and there is no need to make any type of physical contact with anyone. This is one type of behavior that is destined to lead to a sexual harassment complaint being filed or even a lawsuit.
  5. Inappropriate gestures. Hand gestures that imply sex acts, using body language to corner a co-worker into talking to you, or using inappropriate facial expressions are definitely types of behavior that should be avoided.
  6. Forcing a kiss. While many individuals are already aware that this type of behavior is definitely a form of sexual misconduct, people have been called out for doing it. Therefore, trying to plant a kiss on a co-worker, even if they appear to be your friend, could lead to a complaint being filed.

While many cases of sexual harassment have remained off the radar for some time, this is the day and age where women and even men are coming forward, filing reports against individuals for their unwanted sexual advances.

If you are the victim of sexual harassment and would like to discuss your issue with a qualified sexual harassment lawyer in Kansas City, MO, will find you a local professional for you to speak with. Although many brave individuals have already come forward with their allegations, it can sometimes be scary, and even intimidating to come forward with your own. Therefore, before you decide to take any type of action, remember, you can seek legal advice from a reputable Kansas City, MO sexual misconduct attorney first.