Students of Berkeley High School have alleged sexual discrimination and said that students, staff, and teachers need to be taught how to respond appropriately to sexual harassment. The districts public schools are now under investigation for Title IX violations by the Federal Office of Civil Rights.

Why don’t they investigate the thousands of schools that are in terrible neighborhoods where learning is an afterthought and getting through the day without being stabbed is the main focus of many students?

Terrible Behavior

Many students and their parents have complained about sexual harassment and the associated culture in Berkeley United. The complaints of sexual harassment that have been made include one by a girl who says two boys groped her breasts in the bicycle cage while others watched in stunned silence. She believes that the school should take steps to teach students like her and those who witnessed the act how to respond to such situations.

Another instance of sexual harassment involves a girl being called a slut on a social media site. When she complained the all-male security staff repeatedly asked her if she was a slut, thereby, indulging in victim blaming.

Send Your Child to Another School

The third incident involves a girl who stopped talking and altered her clothing style since a boy sitting behind her in class touched her inappropriately. When she complained to her teacher she was told to just ignore the touching.

The district’s school board president has acknowledged the problem and said that while there was a need to create an atmosphere where all students felt safe and supported it was difficult to do. Often the response was slow and inadequate complains the students and the parents.

Parents too have become involved in addressing this issue and many have joined advisory committees. Many students have also testified against the sexual harassment they and other face even in school and have asked the authorities to take steps to curb these activities.

Some of the parents such as the mother of the girl who was groped in the cycle cage have pursued criminal charges. While on case has ended in a plea agreement, the other case is still pending.

The school district was asked to review its policy on sexual harassment in 2006, but it has not yet done so. The current investigation has not yet proved administrative failings, the cases have started bringing some changes already.

Legal Help

When a student is sexually harassed in school or college, the educational authorities are expected to take action and prevent a recurrence of the events. Under the provisions of the federal Title IX law, it is mandatory for educational institutions to provide a safe and supportive environment for students free from sexual harassment. Now America just needs a law outlawing political correctness in schools and to break the teacher’s unions back who care more about job perseveration rather than high educational standards.

When a student has been sexually harassed at school or college they have the right to file a complaint against the school or college administration if the administration did not handle the issue properly. In addition, victims of sexual harassment can also sue the perpetrators of the crime.

When you or a child has been subject to sexual harassment in an educational institution you should retain the services of a sexual harassment lawyer who can file a case against the school or college administration as well as the perpetrators, depending on the circumstances of the case.