The Chief of Police at Binghamton Police Department was placed on paid administrative leave over 105 days ago as he had come under the scanner for alleged sexual harassment. However, the Mayor of the District, Richard David, addressed a press gathering on Tuesday last week and confirmed that the Chief of Police of Binghamton Police Department will be allowed to come back and pick up where he left off at the work place from this week onwards, as reported by

An extensive internal investigation followed by a third party probe conducted by a Binghamton Law Office, Coughlin & Gerhart, both concluded that there was no evidence or substantial concrete proof pointing at the police chief and hence he cannot be held liable for the alleged sexual harassment.

The law firm also dismissed claims made by the same persons that had alleged sexual harassment that the Binghamton Police Department had outdated sexual harassment policies which were vague and allowed for sexual harassment to occur without consequences. The law firm, while suggesting a revised policy package with regards to sexual harassment instances in the future, admitted that the current policies were satisfactory and not unreasonable by any standards.

The Chief of Police in question is Joseph Zikuski and he has been with law enforcement for over 35 years according to Mayor David.

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The allegations against Chief of Police Zikuski

The complaints originated from a female police officer who worked directly under Zikuski called Kristi Sager. She filed sexual discrimination complaints which named Zikuski and the City itself as defendants, with the New York State Division of Human Rights.

In the lawsuit, Sager’s sexual harassment attorney, claimed that Zikuski had made unwanted, lewd, and provocative sexual advances towards her and towards several other female employees at Binghamton Police Department. Furthermore, the suit also claimed that Zikuski had not limited his harassment of women to just the women at the police force of Binghamton but also subjected wives of male officers to the same plight on more than one occasion.

However, things took an unexpected turn last month when Kristi Sager’s sexual harassment attorney withdrew the complaint and announced that Sager had accepted a two month suspension without pay as penalty. It was also confirmed that she will be employed once again and will hold the same position as she did once her two month ban has been served.

The investigations and interrogations carried out by Coughlin & Gerhart

The private law firm, Coughlin & Gerhart, was in charge of getting to the truth and they left no stone unturned in the process. The law firm interviewed virtually everyone at the Department apart from Sager herself. This included 12 female officers, 13 male officers, and five command staff employees.

Kristi Sager – wasting everyone’s time?

Supposedly, 11 out of the 12 female police officers that were interview said that they had not been victims of harassment or discrimination in any form or kind. The one female officer who was the exception said she had been withdrawn from a special work assignment due to her gender.