The Borough Police Department has finally wrapped up their probe into an alleged school sexual assault/harassment case in Wayne Highlands Middle School. As per a Bucks County Courier Times report, the findings of their investigation has urged police to prosecute the 15-year old boy accused in the case with two legal charges, one count of felony indecent incident and one count of misdemeanor indecent incident.

The fact that both the perpetrator and the victim are minors has led to a certain degree of confidentiality and only the most minimal and key details of the incident have been released to press to protect the privacy and identity of both the boy and his female sexual assault victim. The details of the case, including the names of the persons involved have been sealed from public access.

However, Borough Police Chief Rick Southerton did confirm that both the parties were students of Wayne Highlands Middle School. When reached for comment, the Wayne County sexual harassment attorneys who are filing charges only said that the matter and results of the investigation have been sent to the juvenile probation department for further legal procedure.

Wayne Highlands Middle School has been in the spotlight for sexual harassment in the past too. A 13-year old boy had sexually assaulted a 9-year old girl on the school bus on more than one occasion earlier this year. Even children who make terrible decisions can find an attorney suitable for them via the emerging website known as


Former prisoner sues prison guard alleging sexual harassment

As reported in the Wayne Independent, an ex-inmate at the Bucks County Prison, Pennsylvania, has filed a legal sexual harassment complaint against a Bucks County prison guard alleging that the guard had sexually abused him and two other fellow prisoners back in 2013. The prison guard has been administratively relieved of his duties for the time being as he awaits his court trial date.

Joseph Mullen: A sexual predator or a prison guard?

The plaintiff has been identified as 29-year old Christopher Brossman and his sexual harassment attorney has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in the US District Court of Philadelphia. The civil suit names Joseph Mullen, the County of Bucks and The Bucks County prison as defendants. As per the lawsuit, it has been alleged that the County and the prison officials were professionally negligent as they failed to monitor and train their correctional officers. The suit seeks compensation of $75,000.

The plaintiff was originally incarcerated at Bucks County Prison and was serving a maximum 23 months sentence for the crime of robbery. During his tenure as an inmate, Brossman was shifted to another block of the prison where Mullen worked as a security guard.

The lawsuit claims that Mullen had behaved sexually inappropriately on a number of occasions and would often demand to see Brossman and other inmates’ genitals. The lawsuit further alleges that when Brossman refused Mullen’s sexual advances he was placed under solitary confinement for five days as retaliation.

Lock up Mullen too

Joseph Mullen is currently free courtesy of a $75,000 bond but he has been suspended from his guard duties without pay, he was employed as a prison guard in Bucks County Prison since 2010 and he faces similar allegations from other prisoners too.