A New Jersey woman and victim of sexual harassment at work, has boss pay damages amounting to $20,000.

Sexual harassment at the work place; a never ending saga

With fifty five percent of American workers employed by small businesses, what happens when sexual harassment creeps into the work place? Should the employee, affected by this kind of behavior from a boss who also happens to be the owner of the business and hands out paychecks at the end of the month, fight back, accept this behavior or give up.

When faced with such a dilemma, Michelle McDevitt chose to fight back in order to protect her job as a co-owner of a New jersey Kennel which she says is her inspiration, as an animal lover.

Her dream of becoming a partner in the kennel business was almost over even before it began when she decided to sue her former employer Joseph Mosner and hired a sexual harassment attorney to file a suit on her behalf.

In her 10 month long employment at the Golden Grange Kennels, located in Chesterfield New Jersey, she was part of a small workforce, all of whom were women. They were continually subjected to inappropriate language by Joseph Mosner, their boss.

His behavior continued while on one night McDevitt was confronted by an inebriated Mosner who insisted on being alone with her at the Kennel. McDevitt who valued the money the job brought in at the end of the month tried to distract Mosner and calm him down by saying it was late and that she wanted to get home. She suggested he spend the night at the Kennel if he wanted by himself.

Small business owner found guilty

When asked by Pix11’s Kristin Cole about the measures that must be taken when the boss who writes your paycheck asks you to spend the night with him, McDevitt said she was so afraid of being fired if she did not comply. Her fright kept her away from work but she decided to file a sexual harassment claim with the state of New Jersey.

Mosner, a former police officer, was found guilty of charges of sexual harassment and was ordered to pay damages worth $20,000. He was also directed by the attorney general to introduce sex harassment policy at the work place. When Pix11 asked the Kennel owner if he had put a sex harassment policy in place he refused to comment. McDevitt is happy that she has spoken up on behalf of the other girls.


Screen star sued for sexual harassment and sexual trafficking

It’s always been Steven Seagal to the rescue in Hollywood flicks. However, this time around, he faces allegations of sexual harassment from 23 year old Kayden Nguyen, a former model. According to The New York Daily News, the ‘Under Siege’ actor is now the focus of a $1 million sexual trafficking and sexual harassment claim by Nguyen.

Steven Seagal needs to two watches. He was an outstanding action actor though with true fighting abilities. Hopefully he did not do something wrong here.

The former model says she was used as a sex toy when she was hired as an assistant. According to sexual harassment attorneys, two other women have agreed to provide assistance in the lawsuit and have presented sworn declarations. Segal’s ex-wife and former model Kelly LeBrock said the allegations were very upsetting. The couple have three children.