Meanwhile, according to Ohio sexual harassment attorneys, Brimfield Township, near Kent, has appealed to a court to dismiss a lawsuit by a police officer, as reported by Toledo Blade. Officer Crystal Casterline had named the former police chief as a defendant in the lawsuit. She alleges sexual harassment and discrimination, and blames the local government for not supervising him properly.

The Township has denied all allegations of negligence. They said the claims were barred because the officer failed to exercise her rights on discrimination and harassment as per the township’s policy. They also claim that the township responded once they were aware of the allegations.

Reduce his pension

According to Ohio sexual harassment attorneys, the lawsuit was filed in Stark County. In her lawsuit, Casterline alleges that the former police chief, David Oliver, violated her rights by passing derogatory and sexual comments and even struck her on her throat and thigh. The former police chief has denied all the allegations. The plaintiff seeks over $1 million in compensatory and punitive damages. Well, that seems like too much but she is entitled to something.

Tax payers cannot afford that! But the digital power that is has sexual harassment attorneys that can bring a hard case into the spotlight for their mistreated and abused victims. No should be treated like this in what should be a professional atmosphere.

UCLA students allege university authorities failed to address sexual harassment complaints

According to a lawsuit filed by a sexual harassment attorney representing two female UCLA students, UCLA authorities did nothing when the two women reported that they had been subjected to sexual harassment by their history professor, as reported by

The accused professor has been identified as Gabriel Piterberg. According to the details mentioned in the lawsuit, he supposedly made unwanted sexual advances and lewd sexual comments towards the two complainants. Furthermore, shocking allegations have been made against the same professor which claims that he forcefully pressed his body against those of the plaintiffs and even penetrated their mouths with his tongue.


What is even more disturbing is that the lawsuit alleges that UCLA authorities, instead of comforting the women and taking corrective action against the professor, instructed them to essentially keep shut about the harassment and even went as far as to tell the two women not to file a legal complaint.

The two plaintiffs have been identified as Nefertiti Takla and Kristen Hillaire Glasgow. Both women are still students of UCLA but are understandably apprehensive over returning to the campus.

The lawsuit itself seeks financial compensation for non-economic damages (emotional distress and anguish, pain and suffering) and punitive damages. The exact dollar amount being sought has not been released.

UCLA lawsuit – more details of alleged harassment surface

Nefertiti Takla and Kristen Hillaire Glasgow are both students of UCLA and have accused their history professor, Gabriel Piterberg, of sexual harassment. Not only does this lawsuit come at a crucial time when universities all over the country are being forced to revise and tighten existing sexual harassment policies, but it also accuses UCLA of discarding sexual harassment complaints and not taking any measures to address or investigate claims made by the two female students.

Calls made to Gabriel Piterberg seeking comment have gone unanswered. On the other hand, a spokesperson for UCLA has denied the allegations made by the two students and has said that the university takes complaints of sexual harassment very seriously indeed. Further comment was denied and pending litigation was cited as the reason for the lack of comment.

Media personnel were able to get an interview from one of the students involved. Glasgow said in the interview that she hopes that her lawsuit pushes the university to fix their sexual harassment policies and that such incidents do not occur in the future. If this happened in Ohio, Ohio sexual harassment attorneys would be all over it.

Glasgow and her fellow student Takla both maintain that they reported harassment to UCLA authorities but their complaints were never even looked into and the professor continued to do as he pleased. Sounds like working in the Clinton White House in the 90s.