New York, NY– The country’s oldest clothing company may have to make a huge payout to a seamstress at their Long Island City factory if the sexual harassment allegations against plant manager Mario Batista are to be believed.

Herlinda Aroca Pino filed her suit alleging that Batista subjected her to lecherous looks and inappropriate touching during her shifts and when she brought the harassment to the attention of supervisors, she was retaliated against.

Batista also allegedly said other sexually charged things to Pino such as: “Whoa, yes, your t— look like melons,” and “I have a small mouse that likes to play in a house,” while he was pointing to his groin area, the New York Daily News Reported.

At first the harassment was just verbal, but Pino’s suit alleges it became physical in December of 2011 when Batista grabbed her breasts at holiday party held in the factory.

In the lawsuit, which the New York Daily News got a hold of; Pino accused Batista of coming behind her and grinding his manhood into her buttocks while whispering “One day you will be mine.”

According to the Daily News, Pino said that Batista would stand in the doorway of the women’s locker room several times a week to catch her in a state of undress and “leer” at her.

In the suit, Pino also alleges that Batista offered a factory mechanic $1,000 is he could convince Pino to go out on a date with him.

Pino filed a complaint with the human resources department in June of 2012 and said she the company retaliated against her. In September of the same year, one of Pino’s supervisors threatened to fire her if she could not provide documentation which proved she missed work because she was accompanying her cancer-stricken daughter to doctor’s appointments.

Naturally, Batista denies the allegations. He told the Daily News, “I never did anything or said anything to instigate her,” Batista told the Daily News. “She has something against me.”

He also said he was aware Pino went to human resources and complained, but he said he was cleared. The suit, however, says he was disciplined by Brooks Brothers in June 2012, but his behavior persisted.

Pino told the Daily News she just wants things to “change” for her and other workers. Her lawsuit is seeking $30 million in compensation.

Brooks Brothers did not respond to the Daily News when asked about the suit.

Pino experienced what many employees do, even when they report sexual harassment to their supervisors; the disciplinary actions their employers take are minor and do little to discourage the harasser from continuing the misconduct.

When an employee is subjected to repeated sexual harassment and an employer fails to protect them from a hostile work environment they can seek compensation for their emotional duress and lost wages should they be fired for reporting or forced to quit because of the harassment. A sexual harassment attorney will do everything in their power to make certain harassment victims are justly compensated.