San Antonio, TX– Presidential candidate Donald Trump regularly says that he would be great for women, pointing to the number of women he has working for him. But Trump may not perfect on the issue of  women as he is now the subject of a lawsuit that alleges gender discrimination and sexual harassment on the campaign trail.

The allegations come from 26-year Elizabeth Davidson, who was a staffer for the outspoken billionaire’s Iowa campaign. In the compliant, which was filed with state of Iowa, Davidson alleges that she was paid significantly less than male campaign staffers with the same position. She also alleges that she was fired for speaking to the media when male staffers weren’t.

In her lawsuit, Davidson also allege that when she and volunteer met Trump last summer he told the two women, “You guys could do a lot of damage.”

Trump blew off the accusations telling the Washington Post that Davidson was fired because “she wasn’t doing a good job.” He equated Davidson’s lawsuit to extortion, telling the Washington Post that Davidson’s lawsuit is a “disgrace,” and adding “it’s a hold up.” As for her firing, Trump said she violated a confidentiality agreement and was fired for that. But he also said he didn’t know her and never met her.

Trump and his supporters also questioned the timing of the suit, which was filed just days before the Iowa caucuses, claiming Davidson is just a disgruntled employee upset that she is no longer working for his campaign.

Whether or not Davidson’s allegations are true remains to be seen. Davidson’s claims could be legitimate. Or, Trump’s claims are correct. Getting at the truth of such matters is the point of civil court, but getting at the truth of these matters can be difficult because sexual harassment and gender discrimination cases generally pit one person’s word against another’s. This case is a great example of how nuanced workplace discrimination cases are and why USAttorneys suggest you get legal assistance with all aspects of your claim.

Overtime, sexual harassment can wear on the emotional well-being of an employee and can easily be toxic to the workplace as a whole. It is in the best interest of an employer to take action and stop discrimination and harassment in its track. Sadly, many employers don’t and the abuses continue unaddressed until a lawsuit is filed.

The burden of proof is very high and hard to meet, so if you are the victim of workplace discrimination or harassment, you need the help of an employment law or sexual harassment attorney in San Antonio, Texas. An attorney understands how to conduct a thorough investigation and find the evidence necessary to prove your claim and recover damages.

Let USAttorneys connect you with sexual harassment lawyer near you in San Antonio and schedule a case evaluation. With legal assistance, you can put a stop to the workplace abuses and you may also be entitled to damages for your loss of wages and emotional distress. You legal counsel will be your voice and work hard to secure a generous settlement.

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