Can an employee in Maryland sue their employer for lost wages if they quit over a sexual harassment issue?

When an employee is being sexually harassed at work, it can make it very difficult for them to concentrate, let alone complete their tasks. And because many employees often choose to keep quiet rather than report the misconduct, they often find themselves becoming more and more overwhelmed by it each time they have to go into work. Over time, this can take a toll on an employee’s career and it may lead to them giving up a well-paying job just to get away from the hostile work environment.

If an employee in Maryland had to walk away from their job that helped them cover their daily and monthly expenses because they could no longer handle working around the individual who continued to display inappropriate and unwanted behavior, they may be able to sue for lost wages.


How to sue an employer over sexual harassment in Maryland?


Before an employee can file a lawsuit against their employer, they are going to need to discuss the string of incidents that occurred with a Maryland sexual harassment lawyer. An attorney will be able to determine if the individual has a valid case and what the likelihood of them winning it is. In the event an employee does have a viable case worth pursuing, they may be able to sue their employer for the following damages:

  • Lost wages. An individual may be entitled to recover the money they would have earned had they still been working.


  • Lost benefits. If an employee had to leave a hostile work environment and lost their healthcare, vision, dental, etc., they may be able to recover compensation to make up for this.


  • Retirement or pension benefits.


  • Raises or promotions. If an employee was scheduled to receive a raise or promotion but didn’t receive it before they left, they may be awarded compensation for this as well.


In some cases, an employee may even be entitled to recover compensation to make up for them being unable to find a new job because the incident(s) impacted them physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Additionally, an employee may also be able to sue their employer for mental anguish and punitive damages. When punitive damages are awarded, it is because the court is looking to punish the perpetrator for their behavior and deter them away from engaging in the same or similar behavior in the future.

Now, if an employee would like more information on filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against their employer in the State of Maryland or would like to have a lawyer provide them with a case evaluation, they should contact USAttorneys.com. USAttorneys.com is here to help sexual harassment victims locate a Maryland sexual harassment lawyer in their city who can answer their questions, address their concerns, and provide them with the legal representation they need.

Whether an individual works in Baltimore, Columbia, or any other city in Maryland, USAttorneys.com is here to connect them with a sexual harassment lawyer who is prepared to help them.

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