Can men also file sexual harassment complaints in Pennsylvania?

Both men and women are legally permitted to file a complaint against an employer or anyone else in their workplace if they are being sexually harassed by them. Although data shows that more women than men are sexually harassed at work, men can be and are victims of harassment too.1 If a male employee is being sexually harassed at work, whether it is by an employer, supervisor, client, or customer, it is important for them to understand that they hold the same rights as women and can file a complaint in an effort to address the issue.


Who can a male employee report sexual harassment to if they work in Pennsylvania?


Male employees who have been sexually harassed at work should familiarize themselves with the different agencies they can report the harassment to so that the matter can be investigated and addressed. In an effort to help these employees, below is a list of two large agencies that accept complaints stemming from sexual harassment incidents.


  1. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC)

The PHRC allows individuals to file a discrimination complaint if they are being sexually harassed at their place of employment. The agency does consider this type of conduct to be a form of discrimination. Instructions for filing an employment discrimination complaint can be found by clicking here and a Pennsylvania sexual harassment lawyer can help a victim of harassment fill them out.


  1. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

In 2019 alone, the EEOC received a total of 7,514 sexual harassment charges. When a sexual harassment complaint has been filed with the EEOC, the agency will investigate it to determine if the claims being made in the complaint are valid. If an individual wishes to file a complaint with the EEOC over a sexual harassment incident that occurred at work, they will need to file a Charge of Discrimination. In most cases, the EEOC does require charges to be filed within 180 days after the incident occurred.

In addition to filing a sexual harassment complaint with the PHRC or the EEOC, a male employee can also report the incident(s) to their human resources (HR) department if they do not have a manager or supervisor who they feel comfortable discussing it with.


What if an employee’s complaints are not taken seriously?


If an employee finds that their complaints are being ignored or aren’t being addressed in a timely manner, it may be time for them to consult with a Pennsylvania sexual harassment attorney. Sexual harassment lawyers are familiar with the laws that protect employees from harassment and know exactly how they can be exercised when violated. If an employee is not satisfied with how their complaint is being handled or they are looking to recover financial relief from their employer, USAttorneys.com can help them locate a lawyer in their city.

Whether an individual works in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or even Allentown, USAttorneys.com will be sure to get them connected with a reputable PA sexual harassment lawyer who can help them.



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