Cartoon Network Creator Fired For Sexual Harassment

Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Cartoon artist and creator of Cartoon Network’s “Clarence,” Skyler Page has been suspended amid allegations that he sexually harassed on of his coworkers. Page may make cartoons for children, but his treatment towards the women he works with falls short of innocent and has now thrust him uncomfortably into the spotlight.

Exactly what transpired between Page and storyboard artist Emily Partridge, whom he worked with previously on Adventure Time, has not been made public. On July 3rd, Partridge tweeted, “I heard comments about Skyler’s ‘quirky’ behavior but nothing about is f*cked up behavior until after what happened to me.” Partridge then went on to warn other women not be caught alone with Page.

That set off a firestorm of speculations about what happened with other female coworkers relating similar stories about being groped or harassed by Page, the Daily Mail reported.

In response to the allegations against Page, he was let go by the Cartoon Network which said in a statement, “Skyler Page is no longer an employee at Cartoon Network Studios,” the Wrap reported.

The Wrap also reported that last Wednesday, Ryan Pequin, an artist for “The Regular Show,” wrote on Twitter that Page displayed “repeated, aggressive, bad behavior, especially towards women.”

It’s not known if Partridge complained to her bosses at Cartoon Network about the alleged harassment or if Page’s firing was the result of Partridge’s comments on Twitter. Either way, the popular Atlanta-based network did the right thing by letting him go since sexual harassment only gets worse when left unaddressed.

Partridge’s coworkers at Cartoon Network commended her for speaking out about Page’s behavior. Based on comments other Cartoon Network employees, it would appear that many female employees tolerated inappropriate behavior from Page for some time, but may have not reported it supervisors.

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