San Mateo, CA- A biology teacher at all-boys Catholic school filed a sexual harassment suit, alleging the administrators at Serra High School allowed the students to engage in a game where they took up-skirt photos of select female teachers.

Kimberly Bonhert filed her lawsuit last Thursday alleging that she was forced to take an extended leave of absence after being subjected to repeated sexual harassment at the hands of students.

In February of 2012, Bonhert discovered that explicit messages were written about her on the walls of the boy’s bathroom. When she went to staff to complain she was told to “calm down” and that “boys will be boys,” according to the San Mateo Daily Journal.

Bonhert let the incident go until last year when she discovered up-skirt photos and videos of her and three other teachers were being circulated among the student body.

The lawsuit claims one student would distract teachers, and while they were bent over a student’s desk to give them instruction another student would take the photos or videos.

According to the New York Daily News, one student witnessed one such incident and reported it to school administrators. That is when Bonhert learned of the scope of the problem.

Bonhert told a NBC Bay Area that she asked the students about the photo. One student admitted to seeing the up-skirt photo, adding, “In fact, we’ve seen a lot of them, and they’ve been going around for awhile [sic].”

Bonhert told Serra High School administrators about the photos, but they refused to take corrective actions until she threatened to go to the police the lawsuit alleges.

The school conducted an investigation and expelled six students from the school. An additional six students were suspended, but Bonhert says that doesn’t alleviate her anxiety.

She told NBC every time she passes a student in the hall she wonders, “‘Has that kid seen my video? What photos have they seen? Could that kid describe my private area to me?’ And those thoughts go through my head, and it’s traumatic.”

Bonhert’s lawsuit is seeking back pay and damages.

The school is mystified by the lawsuit since Bonhert signed a contract to return to her teaching duties in the fall of this year. An administrator told NBC the school has taken actions to prevent by focusing on teaching students about “sexual harassment, gender respect and technology.”

In this case, like many sexual harassment cases, the school failed to take the necessary steps to stop their employees from being subjected to inappropriate behavior until they were pressed to do so. By then it is too late and employees are forced to take drastic steps which can include quitting and filing a civil lawsuit.

Many times a victim must retain a sexual harassment attorney before their employer takes their allegations seriously or they move to punish an offender for their inappropriate behavior. If an employer fails to protect their employees a sexual harassment attorney will be able to secure a generous settlement on their client’s behalf.