Celebrity Chef in Manhattan Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuits for $600,000

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali has been dealing with considerable controversy as of late. An investigation has confirmed that sexual harassment was a common occurrence at his string of restaurants in Manhattan. Employees were subject to a toxic work environment, causing at least 20 individuals to come forward with claims of sexual harassment. Now, Batali has been forced to settle these lawsuits, paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to these victims.

If you have experienced sexual harassment in a New York workplace, you can also file a lawsuit against your employer. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of a positive outcome, you’ll need to work with a qualified, experienced attorney. These legal professionals can guide you through complex legal procedures, and they can also ensure you’re receiving a fair, adequate settlement that accurately reflects everything you’ve been forced to endure.

Batali Denied Allegations of Sexual Harassment in 2018

These allegations are hardly new. Three years ago, Mario Batali adamantly denied all wrongdoing when he was accused of sexual assault. Batali has been charged with many sex crimes in the past, including sexually assaulting a woman at a restaurant all the way back in 2017. He pleaded not guilty to that charge.

However, this latest sexual harassment involves the general work environment at Mario’s restaurants rather than specific actions taken by the celebrity himself. The environment in these restaurants has been referred to as a “culture” of sexual harassment.

How Were Employees Harassed?

Employees at Mario’s restaurants were harassed in a number of different ways. Some employees were groped, while others were forcibly kissed or hugged. Unwelcome sexual advances were also made against employees, and some were the object of explicit sexual comments.

One line cook described this sexual harassment as a “rite of passage,” claiming that she was led to believe that all employees should expect to be harassed as a matter of course.

Some managers told female employees to wear makeup, while some even went so far as to suggest that they get breast implants. Still other female employees were told that they could never reach the rank of captain, since that role was reserved for males.

Batali himself was accused of sexually harassing and assaulting a female server. He was also accused of showing a male server a pornographic video.

The Settlement Has Been Paid

Due to the fact that Batali’s restaurants were clearly violating human rights laws in New York, a settlement was easily obtained. Batali and his business partner Joseph Bastianich paid the $600,000 settlement to the plaintiffs via their management company, Pasta Resources.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the New York area for qualified, experienced attorneys who specialize in sexual harassment lawsuits, there are plenty of options available. These legal professionals are passionate about helping victims pursue justice. With their help, you can receive a settlement for the damages you have endured. Book your consultation today.

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