Akron, OH– The CEO of a Silicon Valley capitalist venture firm resigned this week after several women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment. The women, all in the tech industry, claim Justin Caldbeck co-founder of Binary Capital acted inappropriately towards them over the past decade.

Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Binary Capital

In an exclusive report, online tech digest The Information spoke to several women in the tech industry who had uncomfortable encounters with Caldbeck over the past decade. One of the women alleged Caldbeck try to fondle her under a table in a bar and sent another woman late night texts to solicit her for sex, according to Axios. That’s just a tiny sampling of the accusations.

When the allegations first surfaced, Caldbeck said they weren’t true, and accused the women of character assassination. Calbeck retracted those allegations after more women came forward with tales of his troubling sexual behavior and he soon submitted his resignation.

The third partner Matt Mazzeo also turned in his resignation just days after Caldbeck, but it is unclear why he decided to leave, according to CNN.

Most of the women who had disturbing encounters with Caldbeck were founders of tech companies or representatives for businesses seeking investors, so they aren’t considered employees. That means the women harassed by Caldbeck cannot file a formal sexual harassment complaint with federal authorities and few legal recourses.

Reporting Sexual Harassment in Your Ohio Workplace

Any inappropriate actions or behavior in the workplace must be stopped, but many victims of harassment and discrimination are afraid to come forward and report. That’s true of the women who were harassed by Caldbeck, and it’s true of workers across Ohio. Workers have a good reason to be reluctant about reporting sexual harassment since they are often the ones who are punished and not the person guilty of discrimination and sexual harassment.

Retaliation is a common practice because some employers are more interested in protecting their interests than looking out for the well-being of their employees. Of course, the vast majority of businesses in Ohio take discrimination and harassment complaints seriously but the ones who don’t can and should be held accountable. USAttorneys recommends you speak with a sexual harassment lawyer in Akron to explain the different steps of filing a formal complaint. We can connect you with a top-notch lawyer who can tell you if your claim has merit and who can get results.

You might be entitled to compensation for your lost wages and emotional distress if you were harassed and subjected to retaliation. Our legal team in Akron, Ohio will take your case seriously and help you decide on the best direction for your case. Call and set up a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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