Odessa, TXUnpaid overtime is problematic because workers are not being compensated properly and according to the law for all of their labor. Various laws attempt to regulate employers to ensure that they are not avoiding proper wages and payments, but many businesses try to find ways around these regulations. Some industries have particular problems with workers who log long hours yet rarely receive overtime wages. Common issues include misclassification as independent contractors and no pay for various job related duties or requirements.  

Healthcare workers

A number of employers in the healthcare industry fail to pay their workers for various tasks done before or after their shifts. This can result in less total hours and missing overtime. It is also common for healthcare workers to not receive compensation for various forms of training, conferences, meetings, and travel. 

Workers in administrative and office positions in hospitals are often told they are salaried and not eligible for overtime. While each state has different laws regarding employees who are classified as exempt and not entitled to overtime, some workplaces try to abuse these rules and simply classify every worker as exempt, even if this is done illegally. 

Manual labor and construction

When a project needs to be completed by a certain deadline, it is common for laborers to work long hours for weeks or months until the project is finished. However, many employers simply pay workers in this situation a straight hourly wage rather than following overtime laws. There may also be issues with workers who are hired on a contract only basis rather than with standard employment and benefits. An employer or subcontractor is generally less concerned with proper payment when they know they will only be dealing with a worker in the short term. 

Truck drivers

This field is highly regulated due to dangers on the roads and the possibility of injuries and accidents. Federal transportation regulations require drivers to take breaks at certain times and limit their total number of hours on the road. Some of this required rest and break time is actually supposed to be compensated. There are trucking companies that will even improperly classify drivers as independent contractors to avoid proper pay of overtime and other wages. However, when a driver does not have the freedom to choose jobs with other companies, they are an employee and should be compensated accordingly.  

Getting help from local labor attorneys

Anyone who has issues with improper wages and other employment issues can contact an experienced labor law firm in the Odessa area. Moore and Associates assists local clients with lawsuits related to wage issues, discrimination, harassment, and other common workplace problems. 

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